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Thursday, November 4, 2010
Gluten-Free New York City Map
Many of my gluten-free friends and readers ask me for restaurant suggestions. Almost two years ago, I started putting together a Google map of places to eat in New York City. Until my redesign of this site is complete, it is hard to find the link to my gluten-free map on Google. I apologize for this. In the meantime, you can see my updated Google map below. It includes restaurants with gluten-free menus, GFRAP restaurants, supermarkets with gluten-free markets, and bars serving gluten-free beer. I love getting tips from readers, so if I am missing anything please let me know.

I am excited to announce that I now have 151 restaurants, markets, and more on this map. Additionally, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this map to be alerted whenever I update it.

All of these places are suggestions based on me going there myself, articles I have read online, or tips from readers. It is up to you to be diligent and call ahead! Restaurants in New York City come and go very quickly sometimes. I suggest you call or email any place you plan on visiting to see if it is still open. You might also want to call ahead for both a reservation and to confirm that they can accommodate a gluten-free diner.

Gluten-Free in New York City Map by Erin Smith at Gluten-Free Fun

View Gluten-Free in New York City in a larger map

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Anonymous Günter said...

Hello Erin,
I like this map! Similar for Germany, Austria and Italy:
Kind regards from Germany

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this map - it was really helpful in planning my trip to NYC. As an update, Tuttoristo on Staten Island has now closed. :(

Blogger Reeb Venners said...

Yes, thank you so much for this map. I was about to start putting one together for my upcoming trip to NYC and then I found yours!

Anonymous Mo Tantawi said...

Hi Erin,
long time no talk. Hope you are well. I tried sending you a message a week ago with some new places I heard had gluten free. But I don't think it went through. If it did, ignore the one about Bills Burger and Grille. The woman on the phone said they have gluten-free buns. The next day I went and it was a disaster. Almost impossible to eat there. But I had mentioned a couple other places that I though you may want to add to your absolutely amazing nyc map. I use this map all the time. Thanks so much!

1) Bubba Gump Shrimp Co: 7th avenue between 43 and 44. Very good gluten free menu and options

2) BOLD Organics Gluten Free Pizza: 85th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus.

3) The Yard: Freedom Place between 67th and 68th Street. Supposedly has good gluten free options including pizza.

:) Mo Tantawi

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