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Monday, February 14, 2011
Allergic Girl Valentine's Day Giveaway
I’m excited to tell you that my friend and colleague Sloane Miller is releasing her first book Allergic Girl on March 1, 2011. I met Sloane a few years ago through another gluten-free blogger and our paths have crossed a handful of times over the past few years. Now, I think I have seen Sloane more in the past two months than I have over the past 4 years I have known her. Our gluten-free and allergy-free worlds are happily colliding! Sloane is a passionate and intelligent woman who is now sharing her adventures of living with food allergies in her new book, Allergic Girl published by Wiley.

In support of the book's release in March, I am running a contest for a free book giveaway directly from the Allergic Girl herself. In honor of today being Valentine's Day, the contest theme is positive food allergic/celiac disease LOVE STORIES.
  • Did you ever have someone bring you a gluten-free treat that made your heart melt?
  • Has your someone special every planned the perfect allergen-free date?
  • What loving act have you done for a food allergic family member?
Tell me your gluten-free or food allergy love story in my comments section below and you are entered to win. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. All winners will be chosen randomly on Friday, February 18th so enter today!

Meet Allergic Girl in Person
For all of my New York readers, you can meet Sloane Miller, author of Allergic Girl, in person on Tuesday, March 8th. The NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group is hosting the Allergic Girl Book Launch Party at Heathers Bar in the East Village. Come meet author Sloane Miller in person from 6-8pm on 3/8/11. Books will be available for purchase at the event.

For more information:

Check out this fun book trailer for Allergic Girl which is a really fun take on dating with food allergies.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only time someone took my allergies into consideration when they were preparing food was when my step-daughter had a family gathering. I was all prepared to not be able to eat anything but she had made a couple of GF dishes.


Blogger Pickle said...

My in-laws since I have been diagnosed with a gluten allergy (also allergic to Red Dye #40) have been awesome. They are a cooking chinese family and have gone above and beyond looking for gluten free sauces and ways to make some of the dishes that we have trouble finding gluten free options for. This is my first chinese new year gluten free and not only did my mother-in-law make me dumplings without wrappers but with cabbage but my husbands aunt has started making all her desserts gluten free. I feel very lucky to have them all looking out for my allergy and making it so I can enjoy all the delicious food they make.


Blogger ackdavis said...

The phone ring interupts my concentration. I continue working. I am alone at my desk space, deep in concentration. Reaching for the phone is an automatic action. A lovely, sexy voice begins a slow cadence. "I was deep in my work when you called earlier," I hear. He has my attention. "Would you like chocolates particularly on this special day?" What's not to love? It's Valentine's Day. He has my mind's and my tummy's attention. "It's pure dark chocolate, individually wrapped squares." My mouth waters. I smile, clearly proclaiming, "Darker the better." I love good dark chocolate like Valrhona or Ghirardelli. "I have a bag for you. I'll bring it tonight. "Would you like to dine out at ___ this evening?" He loves me! What more could he say in such a special, gluten free way? "Yes." I'm his - mind, heart, body, soul, spirit - all of me. I am safe, loved and gluten free.

Anonymous Jessica said...

My husband ordered me a GF blueberry pie for my birthday at a new, local shop. He came home with a still warm brownie and chocolate chip cookie. Yumm!!

Anonymous Suezboss said...

Happy Valentines Day!!
The best Gluten-Free story I have is from my wedding! I was dianossed with Celiac Disease a few weeks before my wedding, and needless to say I was freaking out! Not only did I know the in's and out's of eating gluten-free, I didn't know where to turn to for information. On my wedding day, I was able to arrange for a gluten-free meal (plain chateau briand, and mashed potatoes), but as for my cake- well it was too soon to plan for a "gluten-free" version- plus at the time, I didn't even know they existed! Well, on the morning of my wedding, we were there getting ready and my matire'd came in and said "oh we got the cake from your guest" and I had no idea what he was talking about. When he went to find her, he came back and said "Kim made you a gluten-free cake"... I was in tears! Appropiatly her nickname in college was "Betty Crocker" so leave it to her to go to a health food store and find a gluten-free mix (this was back in 2005, when the real "Betty Crocker" didn't have GF mixes) and make me a GF cake! For our wedding photos- we have pictures of us cutting our tier wedding cake, and also the one of us cutting my gluten-free cake! We took pieces of both to freeze, and 1 year after our wedding- I was happy to bite into my gluten-free cake for good luck! This was the best present I could have received!
-Sue <3

Anonymous Karen S. said...

At my daughter’s Valentine’s party just this morning I was told by her friends mom that they were at the store picking out their own Valentine’s to give out and her daughter was very concerned that hers HAD to be gluten-free so that my daughter could have them. They both stood there in the candy aisle reading the ingredients to see which ones to pick especially so that my daughter could also enjoy. What a GREAT friend. Oh, they are only 9-years-old!

Blogger Unknown said...

From my Facebook fan Diana:

"Diana Swiatek Heart Melting moments, I have 2. I was diagnosed with Celiac in November of last year. Thinking in the moment I was taking it day by day, not really thinking ahead to the looming Holidays. It was my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend who's mom is diabetic. I went over for Thanksgiving dinner, having snacked a bunch at home to make sure I wasn't too hungry. I walked in to see they smoked a small turkey, just for my benefit, because the big bird was stuffed... There was a seperate green bean casarole, seperate potato casarole, and seperate sweet potatoes. What made me feel special is each of the sides had 3, one regular, one GF and one diabetic. His mom made sure I could eat, since she knows how it is to be odd. They even told me to go ahead and serve myself first. I almost cried. We went to a pot luck a few weeks later and one of my friends who is a rough and tough kind of person shocked me to pieces that he walked in with a pan of brownies, and announced that he was worried I wouldn't have any sweets to munch on, he went and found the Betty Crocker GF brownie mix. Everyone kept telling him how he really is a sweet guy, because he was so concerned on my behalf. :) It made the holiday a little easier. :)"

Blogger Libby said...

I made my son these cookies for Valentine's Day:

My amazing husband struggled for years because he hated it that I couldn't have birthday cake on my birthday. (I was fine with it, but it was simply unacceptable in his mind.) He recently decided to make a gluten/dairy/soy/egg free cake & icing for my birthday. He wanted it to be a surprise, so he did his own research and never asked any questions. Bless his heart, it was absolutely awful, but that cake tasted better than anything I've ever had! The love he poured into every bit of research and preparation caused me to fall in love with him all over again.

Blogger Mary Brueske said...

Loved the video, haha, thanks for posting! Funny the things people without allergies don't think about or know. She did a great job showing a glimpse. What a nice tribute to your friend, Sloane, congrats to her on the book release.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My GF love story involves my engagement and Babycakes NYC gluten-free doughnuts! My husband proposed to me after taking me on the best date to Pala Pizza for dinner and he called ahead to have Babycakes put aside some of their doughnuts. After devouring them, I literally was so thankful that he went out of his way to do this, I said "I love you more than doughnuts." And with that, he got down on one knee..and well, the rest is history. I did incorporate the doughnuts into my wedding and Babycakes was awesome to create a "doughnut tower" for me. I still have them frozen and will eat them on our 1 year anniversary! You can read more about our engagement story on Babycakes' blog post here:

Blogger Danielle Bryant said...

My husband and i had a wonderful date this valentines day. I am allergic to dairy, so for dinner my husband and I made dinner at our home. Then we went to see a movie. After, I came home to dairy free chocolate truffles he had bought. It was a great date!He is awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My fiance has aggreed that he would rather have our wedding cake be gluten free and have me enjoy it. I know if won't taste like normal wedding cake but he knows how much little traditions means to me.

Blogger Unknown said...

Congratulations to Jessica P., the winner of this giveaway. Winner was chosen using Thank you all for entering. Your gluten-free and allergen love stories are great! Thanks for sharing your stories.

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