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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Conscious Nosh Gluten-Free CoCoMoons
A former colleague of mine recently introduced me to his sister-in-law's company, Conscious Nosh. Since they were local and gluten-free I was happy to connect with them. Conscious Nosh makes CocoMoons that are "vegan, gluten-free and organic treats and made in small batches, with love, in bi-coastal kitchens."

The first thing I noticed when I opened my samples of Conscious Nosh CocoMoons was the super cute packaging as you can see in the above picture. The next thing I noticed were the really unusual flavors including Blackberry Lemon, Chili Maple Vanilla, Mexican Chocolate, and Simply Lemon. I was excited to give all four flavors a try.

Hands down the group favorite was the Blackberry Lemon. The Chili Maple Vanilla CocoMoon was an interesting second place favorite. The treat is sweet when you first bite it with a definite chili kick once you swallow. We were all commenting about how we weren't really exciting that kick of heat at the end, but you definitely get it and it doesn't disappoint. The other two flavors were good too, but the first two were my definite favorites. 

Note: The flavors are seasonal, so be sure to check their website if you are interested in ordering CocoMoons.

Here is a picture of the runner's up: Mexican Chocolate and Simply Lemon.
We finished the winning flavors before I could even take a picture!

Since I got two packages of samples, I saved bushel #2 for day 2. I have to say, the second day the CocoMoons were even better. I think the first day the first batch was slightly frozen from being out on the delivery truck in the tundra that is NYC. The second batch was much softer and much more the consistency of what I think of when I think of a macaroon. It was soft (aka not frozen) and just as flavorful, but much more enjoyable since we could actually bite right into these rather than cut the frozen CocoMoons with a knife.

I would definitely recommend this dessert if you are looking for a vegan, organic, and gluten-free treat. They are sold in a few locations throughout NYC as well as online through the Conscious Nosh etsy store

Thanks to Conscious Nosh for letting me try their delicious CocoMoons!

More about Conscious Nosh

Conscious Nosh CocoMoons are vegan, gluten-free and organic treats and made in small batches, with love, in one Brooklyn and one San Francisco kitchen.

CocoMoons do not contain nuts and are made with gluten free ingredients, including coconut, maple syrup, vanilla beans & unrefined sea salt. Their San Francisco kitchen is entirely gluten free. While the Brooklyn kitchen is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, Conscious Nosh does isolate their utensils and equipment and thoroughly clean all surfaces before use in an effort to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

CocoMoons consist only of plant-based ingredients – they do not use dairy, eggs, or other animal products. Because they work mainly with live (raw) ingredients and dehydrate the product at a low temperature rather than baking it, CocoMoons are also popular among raw vegans. While not technically raw, the choice of sweetener, organic maple syrup, is widely accepted within the raw community due to its nutritional value.

Where to buy Conscious Nosh CocoMoons in Manhattan
71 Irving Place Coffee and Tea Bar: 71 Irving Place

The Bean Coffee and Tea: 49 1/2 1st Avenue
Ground Support: 399 West Broadway
High Vibe: 138 East 3rd Street
Live Live & Organic: 261 East 10th Street
Stogo: 159 2nd Ave

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