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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Wild Alice Bars
At the beginning of February Alice Tarachow, of Wild Alice Bars, contacted me regarding trying some samples of her gluten-free bars. I happily accepted these free samples since I am always on the look out for a new snack.

Wild Alice bars are made in Portland, Oregon in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Alice, the founder, is an avid hiker, rock climber, and snow shower with food sensitivities. She was looking for an easy-to-carry snack bar that would keep her satiated until she got to her hiking destination. Through some experimenting in the kitchen, Alice came up with a Cranberry Walnut and Apricot Cashew Wild Alice Bar.

I was expecting something like a Lara Bar, but these were different. They were less fruity and more like a cookie texture. I am sure the rice flour, garbanzo flour, and quinoa flakes had something to do with this since Lara Bars have nothing but fruit and nuts. I have to say, I would have liked a little bit of moisture in the cranberry walnut bar, but I really liked the apricot cashew bar. It had a nice flavor and just the right amount of moisture.

The back of the package gives eating suggestions including eating the bar as is, crumbling into yogurt, or crumbling and adding hot water. Since I was at work, I ate both bars as is and they were fine. It held me over  during my afternoon hunger slump until dinner and overall I enjoyed both bars.

Each bar is just under 230 calories, gluten-free, vegan, and has 4-5 grams of protein. I might opt for a lower calorie snack but these are actually on par with most gluten-free snack bars out there in terms of calories.

Right now, the bars are only sold in a handful of stores in Oregon and Washington. You can buy 8 bars at a time online through the Wild Alice website. The bars are $2 each with $5 for shipping and handling. Please note, PayPal is currently the only method of payment at the online store.

Learn more about Wild Alice Bars and visit their online store today:

Thanks Alice!

Ingredients: dried cranberries (dried cranberries, apple juice, sunflower oil), agave syrup*, quinoa flakes*, walnuts*, brown rice flour, Canola oil, apple juice concentrate, garbanzo bean flour, pea protein, dried apricots*, guar gum.

Ingredients: dried apricots*, agave syrup*, quinoa flakes*, cashews*, brown rice flour, Canola oil, apple juice concentrate, garbanzo bean flour, pea protein, guar gum.

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