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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
South China Morning Post: No Grain, No Pain
A few weeks ago Jennifer, a former colleague of mine, called me from Hong Kong to do an interview about Celiac Disease for the South China Morning Post. I was very intrigued by this interview because I wanted to learn more about the prevalence of Celiac in Asian countries. I chatted with Jennifer for close to an hour and gave her my run down of Celiac Disease over the past thirty years.

Much to my surprise, my friend Jill (owner of Glow Gluten Free) emailed me yesterday with the article which was sent to her by someone in her family living in Hong Kong. This was another example of the power of the Internet and the truly global community we live in.

Here's the article:

No grain, no pain

Gluten intolerance is most often associated with a Western diet. But a study has found the condition may be on the rise in Asia owing to a change in eating habits

Bread is said to be the staff of life. But if you happen to be among a small but growing number of people diagnosed with coeliac disease, a severe form of gluten intolerance, it can make you very sick.

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