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Monday, October 24, 2011
Cafe Giraffe: Allergen-Free Food Coming Soon to NYC
If there is one thing we are lacking in this wonderful city of New York, it is a restaurant that is 100% gluten-free. Of course there are bakeries and many great restaurants that have gluten-free menu options, but nothing is entirely gluten-free. If you have never been to a restaurant that is entirely gluten-free, you are missing out big time. It is almost like a holy experience walking into a place where you can eat EVERYTHING on the menu. From what I can remember, I only had this experience very few times in my 30 years of living gluten-free; once at Barenaked Bakery on Long Island and once in Vancouver at Panne Rizo.

Amy Kohtz, a fellow member of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me about her new project to open a restaurant in NYC that is entirely gluten-free. Cafe Giraffe will be 100% gluten-free. In order to tackle this endeavor, Amy has launched a Kickstarter project and is asking for funding contributions.

Here's Amy's plan:

Convenient, delicious, allergen-free food is coming soon to NYC. 
The food at Cafe Giraffe will always be free of gluten and will always be mostly free of peanuts, fish, and shellfish. Our delectable offerings can also be customized to exclude the remaining top 8 food allergies and intolerances, including milk, egg, tree nuts, and soybean. 
Our elegant, family friendly venue will literally be a place that has something for everyone. Modernist burgers and sandwiches with hand-crafted sauces, tempting desserts, and delicious drinks will appeal to customers who do not have food allergies but want to try something “better than home cooking” at a great price. 
Cafe Giraffe will open our doors in NYC in spring, 2012. We plan to expand to a city near you within five years. Our EatNo8 (trademark pending) and No-8 (trademark pending) line of sauces will be available for purchase through mail order and on Amazon. 
We first started planning Cafe Giraffe in December, 2009. We're seeking seed funding to secure leases for a retail space and equipment, commission expert help including kitchen design and real estate brokers, and to take the final step toward full financing. 
Your support will help revolutionize the restaurant landscape for people with food allergies. 
Thank you!

Click here to learn more and to make a donation towards Cafe Giraffe.

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Anonymous Gluten Dude said...

A great idea (and hopefully a successful one). Even when restaurants offer gluten-free options, it's still quite a pain to deal with cross-contamination, etc. To walk into a restaurant and to know you're totally safe? Paradise.

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