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Monday, January 9, 2012
Gluten-Free Fun Guidelines
I am not paid to write this blog, Gluten-Free Fun. I have a full-time job that is completely unrelated to the gluten-free world. I am lucky enough to have free products and books sent to me on a regular basis for testing and review. Once in a while, I even get a free meal at a restaurant. I tell my readers when this happens. Sometimes I like these products, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I reject products before they are even sent to me if I get an email or a press release that turns me off. For example, if a publicist sends me an email touting their gluten-free product as the "next big weight loss food", I will probably reject the free samples. Celiac Disease is my life. I don't eat gluten-free to lose weight, I eat gluten-free to live. Without a gluten-free diet, I am pretty sure I would not be here today.

As a blogger, I am entitled to my own opinion. I am also allowed to post on my own timeline. Apparently, this pisses off some companies. It is amazing some of the emails I get from companies that clearly want free advertising from me but on their terms. I do appreciate that vendors want me to put information up right away, but I don't always have the luxury of time to fit within their expected time frame. If a publicist nags me about a posting, I will probably take even longer to post a review and by then I already have a negative feeling about the company.

Dear publicists, PR folks, and gluten-free vendors, please keep in mind that this is my blog and my hobby. I provide honest reviews for food, restaurants, and gluten-free events I have attended. In order to maintain the integrity of this blog, I ask that you respect how I write my blog.

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Anonymous Sarah P. said...

Here here, sister! I actually had someone come up to me at a GF speaking engagement last month after they found out about my blog. She asked if I did reviews and before I could even say anything, she literally shoved an armful of products at me. I told her, "Thanks but I'll pass." and handed everything back to her.

Blogger ackdavis said...

Gluten-free for life, and telling about it on your own time, your terms ... This must be a difficult to comprehend idea for those who earn income through GF products though they may not need to be GF, from what I read here. If only all us devout GFers could earn income educating the public about GF with the necessity to tell the truth, the whole truth and [instead of nothing but the truth, look at it as] more guiding content from those who fully comprehend being Gluten-Free with goods tasting delicious. Without opinions from the knowing GFers, there is so much to wade through. We benefit greatly from opinions like yours. Thank you. Keep it up. It's a safety net knowing you watch out for, help us stay safe, well. YOu help us find tasty products to safely consume and be well while doing so. Who GF has a problem with that?

Anonymous Kim Panella said...

I could not agree more! Makes me angry when people look at me and assume I'm GF to loose weight. It's a way of life for so many of us and I also know that without a GF diet I would not be here as well. Going GF really saved my life. I may be new to the GF world but I'm coming in with a bang. So happy to have found this blog! Thank you so much for all you do. We really do appreciate all your hard work girlie. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right there with you on this one. My blog is also my hobby and I do a lot of other things in my life besides review products. I get super annoyed at those publicity folks who are constantly sending the emails, "just checking in". And I especially hate when it is obvious that they haven't really looked at my blog enough to know that hey, we're vegetarian and prefer not to sample stuff made with chicken by-products.
But I also know that they are only "doing their jobs" too. Argh.

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