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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Kicking4Celiac Founder on NY Ink
For those of you with cable, set your DVRs this Thursday night at 9pm for the TLC show NY Ink. My friend and founder of the Kicking4Celiac Foundation, Craig Pinto, is one of the guys getting a tattoo in this week's episode. Craig talks to NY Ink's Chris Torres about growing up with Celiac and overcoming his diagnosis. Craig also talks about his days as an arena football player and his TWO Guinness World Records, both which he got after the diagnosis.

Tune in this Thursday on TLC at 9pm to see Celiac get some attention in the reality TV world. Listen to someone real talk about living with Celiac and not some TV celebrity spouting off wrong information.

NY Ink's Chris Torres giving Craig Pinto a tattoo

The final piece

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