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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
National Soup Month with Kettle Cuisine and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be sent six different flavors of Kettle Cuisine soup. Then this past weekend, I got to sample more Kettle Cuisine at the Gluten-Free Education Fair at Whole Foods Upper West Side here in Manhattan. I have to say, I am impressed. I am not usually a pre-made soup fan because I find them to be very salty. (When I make soup at home, I never add salt.) Kettle Cuisine wasn't too salty but had a nice balance of flavor. My favorite flavor so far is the Chicken Chili with White Beans which surprised me since I hate white beans. Guess I like them now! All of the soups from Kettle Cuisine are gluten-free and test at 5ppm of gluten or less, which is below the FDA's proposed 20ppm. Additionally, Kettle Cuisine is officially certified as a gluten-free manufacturer by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO).

Kettle Cuisine soups include:
  • Angus Beef Steak Chili with Beans GF, DF
  • Chicken Chili with White Beans  GF
  • Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles  GF, DF, LF
  • New England Clam Chowder  GF
  • Organic Mushroom and Potato Soup  GF, V
  • Roasted Vegetable Soup  GF, V, DF
  • Southwestern Chicken and Corn Chowder  GF
  • Thai Curry Chicken Soup  GF, DF
  • Three Bean Chili  GF, V, DF
  • Tomato Soup with Garden Vegetables  GF, V, DF
GF: Gluten-Free, V: Vegetarian, DF: Dairy-Free; LF: Low-Fat

Looking for a recipe to make using Kettle Cuisine soup? Try this Gluten Free Southwestern Nachos recipe (with Kettle Cuisine Three Bean Chili). I am definitely making this ASAP, although I would probably swap out the Fritos for some reduced fat corn chips.

9.25 oz. FRITOS® corn chips (1 retail bag)
1 bowl Kettle Cuisine Three Bean Chili (10oz) (thawed overnight in the refrigerator)
2 oz. Yellow Onion, diced fine
3 oz. Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded
3 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
  1. Heat oven to 400°F
  2. Arrange an even layer of corn chips in an oven-proof casserole dish
  3. Spoon thawed chili evenly over chips (Chili may also be thawed in the microwave- pull back seal and microwave bowl for 2 minutes)
  4. Sprinkle onion over the chili
  5. Evenly layer both cheeses over top of mixture
  6. Place in oven and heat until cheese melts and chili is warmed through
  7. Remove from oven and top with optional garnishes and serve

Want to win your very own samples of Kettle Cuisine gluten-free soups? Simply leave a comment below telling me which flavor sounds the best!

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Anonymous Gay said...

Choose a flavor?? I've tried several....when I can get them! Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles, Tomato Soup with Garden Vegetables and Organic Mushroom and Potato are delish! I have also had the Loaded Baked Potato which even non GF eaters raved about! If you enjoy REALLY spicy try the Three Bean Chili and Southwestern Chicken and Corn Chowder.(over the top of the HOT scale for me)
Thank you Kettle Cuisine for developing a delicious soup - but please market it in more stores like Weis markets, Tops or even Walmart!

Blogger Richard T. Magill said...

They all sound wonderful, but I'm particularly intrigued by the Thai chicken and mushroom & potato!

Blogger Richard T. Magill said...

They all sound wonderful, but the Thai chicken and the mushroom & potato sound particularly intriguing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Organic mushroom and potato sounds AMAZING!!

Anonymous peggy omeara said...

Thai curry chicken is the one I'm running out to buy today!

Blogger DEBORAH said...

The Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles, sounds the best, of course it's mt ALL-TIME favorite.. :)

Blogger Julie said...

Roasted Vegetable Soup sounds delicous thanks

Blogger ufg8trj said...

Three bean chili sounds good to me!

Blogger Debra P said...

Southwestern Chicken and Corn Chowder sunds amazing - so many of them do! Love that they are GF. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

Anonymous Laura Brewer @LauraFromOhio said...

Chicken Chili with White Beans

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love love the clam chowder

Blogger Kristen said...

Organic Mushroom and Potato Soup sounds delish!!

Blogger Julie said...

Roasted Vegetable Soup like to try thanks

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