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Friday, February 24, 2012
Bon Tardi Friends
Bon Tardi 
(good afternoon in Papiamento, the official language of Aruba)

Friends, it has been a really crazy few weeks for me and my blog has suffered. I haven't posted as much as I wanted to, I have at least 10 draft blog postings that are 50% complete, there is always some crazy health thing that flares up when I am stressed, and I threw a huge party for the awesome new app DishFreely on Wednesday. Needless to say I am beyond exhausted!

Luckily, I am going on a much-needed vacation to Aruba next week. I have done my gluten-free research, purchased my sunblock, and I am ready to go. This will be my first vacation in 2 years where I am NOT bringing my computer with me. No email, no Skype, no technology for an entire week. Believe it or not, this was a hard decision to make. As a new friend pointed out, I am slightly obsessive when it comes to technology and I need a break from it. It won't be easy at the beginning, but it will be exactly what I need to disconnect from the stress of life in NYC.

I hope to come back refreshed with lots of amazing stories and restaurant experiences to share with you from Aruba. In the meantime, feel free to gawk at and be jealous of my lovely view for the next week.



Anonymous gluten free gift said...

Take care of yourself Erin - good to get off the "crack" computer cycle now and again... have fun!!

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