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Monday, September 10, 2012
Clinical Trials for Celiac Vaccine
The Celiac Vaccine is in the news again. Last week, ImmusanT started clinical trails in the US, Australia, and New Zealand to test a vaccine to "treat patients with celiac disease." Personally, after eating gluten-free for 31 years I think I would rather stay gluten-free. It forces me to pay attention to my body and what I feed it while managing my Celiac Disease. I know a "miracle pill" or a vaccine are very desirable to many people with Celiac, but not me. How do you feel about this vaccine? Would you get it?

Click on the link below to read the full article.

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Anonymous Suezboss said...

Sorry Erin, I would 100% get it. Since I was only diagnossed in 2005 (in my mid-20's) I miss the "ease" of being able to go to eat wherever I want, not having to plan out each trip down to the meal that is by where we are going to be that day, etc!! Bring on the Vaccine! (Which sounds more promissing than the "pill" which only serves to help minimize reactions, not as a "cure" to Celiac Disease!

Blogger ackdavis said...

Having read about this ImmusanT study from your link, I would not want to put my body in the position of killing off itself should I be a random person taking the placebo. Celiac was tough on me for decades. Other conditions were recognized when my celiac was controlled. I would not want to potentially poison myself during the study and to repair myself after the study. Yes, it is a big learning curve to avoid gluten. But it's worth it to me knowing that I am putting the best fuel into my body.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am newly diagnosed as gluten sensitive (April 2012) and as careful as i am i am still having issues. seems all grains, especially corn, bother me. I would love to be able to eat out again without issues. parties are the worst experience now !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would continue eating gluten-free, however I would also most definitely get it just to account for the incidentals when eating out which really knock me down... :)

I would love the vaccine once it has been fully tested. I would continue to eat healthier but I would love to eat fried chicken in a bucket once and a while. Just being honest…

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