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Thursday, September 13, 2012
Happy Celiac Awareness Day
Today is National Celiac Awareness Day. I think our gluten-free community could use a little pick-me-up and today is the perfect day to celebrate. If you are reading this blog, you are not alone. There are thousands of people in this country that are living with Celiac and it is up to all of us to continue to talk about Celiac, not be ashamed of living gluten-free, and educate others about this disease.

According to the Celiac Sprue Association:

September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day.

The date of September 13 was chosen because it honors the birthday of Samuel Gee, MD a British physician and pediatrician. Dr. Gee published the first modern description of the clinical picture of celiac disease and is credited with being the first to identify the link between celiac disease and diet. One of Gee’s famous quotes on celiac disease is “if the patient can be cured at all, it must be by means of diet.”
I encourage everyone to talk about Celiac Disease today with at least one new person. Tell them you have it and how you need to eat gluten-free to be safe and healthy. If they ask you questions, don't be frustrated. Do your best to help them understand what Celiac is and how it has changed your life.




Blogger ackdavis said...

Top of a GLUTEN FREE DAY to you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing me about this now my family will maybe start living gluten free with me, anyways let me tell you a little about my self. I am 13 and Ive had diabetes since i was born and celiac since second grade. i am the only one in my family with celiac and it really sucks the only person who would understand would be the people with celiac. Most weeks when we grocery shop i get only 1-2 things a week from the Gluten free aisle, and some of the other stuff is already gluten like, chips,yogurt,milk,hot dogs,some chicken wings etc... but since i have found this website before Thanks giving my family might agree ti try a gluten free meal with me.

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