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Sunday, November 4, 2012
GF Hurricane Relief: Freeport and Long Beach, LI
This was on Facebook tonight. The drop-off on Long Island is specifically asking for gluten-free food. If you are on Long Island and have gas, please go to this drop-off center TOMORROW with your gluten-free donations. If you are a company, please ship your gluten-free food donations to the address below!

MONDAY HOURS! IMPORTANT **NEW 11/4 8:00 PM** INFORMATION FOR THOSE LOOKING TO DROP OFF OR MAIL SUPPLIES FOR LONG BEACH - please click the 'see more' link to read this entire announcement. 


157 E Sunrise Hwy, Freeport, NY 11520. 
Floor Mart Building across from Home Depot: yellow awning.
Packages can be shipped Attn: Chris Musto

Baby Supplies Baby Form
ula and Food, Dog and Cat Food, Blankets and Towels, Air Freshener, Brooms, First-Aid Kits, Cotton Balls, Mouthwash, Candles, Floss, Body Spray, AAA Batteries, Gluten-Free Products and Plastic Bins for storage.

Please keep in mind - we are not an official non-profit and therefore these donations are not tax-deductible. We are the people who developed and have been running the Long Beach, NY Hurricane Information facebook page. If you have concerns please direct your $$ donations through the Jaime Whelan Foundation, Long Beach,

Additional NEEDS: Industrial strength black garbage bags, heavy duty rubber gloves, NON-PERISHABLE FOOD, flashlights and batteries, GENERATORS, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, toiletries, paper goods, BABY ITEMS, gas and gas cans, PLASTIC BINS, dog food, manual can openers, BLANKETS, disposable cameras, markers and poster board, sanitary wipes, CLEANING SUPPLIES, water, soap, cereal, granola bars, packaged drinks, baby food and formula, towels, tarps, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, bleach & clorox wipes, laundry detergent, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towels 

Volunteers!! PLEASE SHOW UP!!! ESPECIALLY VOLUNTEERS WITH GAS!! Please show up during our OPEN - MONDAY 11-2 - hours or use the GoogleDoc resource. 

We invite all NON residents to drop off donations so that resident volunteers can run them in (much easier to get through security as a resident). 

Residents with donations can use this location or the Back of the Ice Arena at Fulton and the Bay. 


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