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Monday, November 5, 2012
GF Hurricane Relief: A Local Way to Help the Gluten-Free
I have learned about three local community members that are personally donating gluten-free food to the hardest hit areas of the tri-state area. I am inspired by their giving to our gluten-free community. I also feel that these grassroots donations are the best way to get gluten-free food directly into the hands of Celiacs and others who need it.

Here is how they are helping:

One friend (who is not Celiac or gluten-free) emailed me last night to ask if Udi's bread was ok to make sandwiches and which peanut butter would be safe for those on a gluten-free diet. I gave her the information she needed as well as the prep information to help avoid cross contamination.

Another gluten-free community member has decided to clean out her pantry to see what gluten-free food she can donate. She has no power, yet is going out of her way to help the gluten-free community on Long Island.

A third gluten-free community member is hand delivering meals down to the Rockaways in Queens. Here's what she wrote:

Hi Erin - as you may know the Red Cross makes kosher and diabetic meals but no GF meals for those in need.  I am packing up a dozen GF meals to today and taking to a food bank that is delivering in the Rockaways, etc. Wondering if you could ask people to do to the same.
Each package will be labeled GF and list the products used and include:
1. 2 rice cracker sandwich various
2. water or juice box
3. a treat - example: I made corn bread last night
4. a piece of fruit
5. etc?
Not sure if it is possible to get the word out and a distribution site?  Just my thought.
Thanks. Linda 

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