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Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Seeking Host for Gluten-Free Exchange Student on Long Island
I received an interesting mail this week from a woman from International Student Exchange trying to place a Celiac exchange student in housing on Long Island, New York. If anyone knows a family that might be willing to help this gluten-free student, please share this postwith your friends!

I'm contacting you from International Student Exchange, regarding a young man with celiac disease who we are seeking a host family for the September school year. Max is from Wesenburg, Germany and would be attending the 10th grade here on Long Island. We work with most districts on the Island. He enjoys playing the piano, tennis, and skiing. Max has been studying English for 6 years and speaks very well. Max keeps his celiac under control with a strict gluten free diet. He is aware of what he can and can't eat. His parents are afraid that he won't be picked because of this. He is a very sweet boy and I think it would be helpful for his exchange if he was placed in a gluten-free friendly home.  
Host families are asked to provide a loving home, an extra plate at the table, and a warm bed. Max would financially be responsible for all his personal costs. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank You.
Best Regards, 

Christina Lanzillotto
Regional Advisor 
International Student Exchange (ISE)

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