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Friday, August 9, 2013
Gluten-Free at Summer Streets NYC
Three Saturdays a summer, New York City becomes even more awesome than normal. Summer Streets closes down Park Avenue from 72nd Street all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge. For those of you unfamiliar with NYC, this is a HUGE deal. This is nearly 7 miles of no cars. No honking horns, no crazy taxi drivers, no buses spewing their fumes. These 6.9 miles are pedestrian, biker, roller blader, and skateboard bliss. This is honestly one of my favorite events of the year and each year this gets better.

What made the 2013 Summer Streets kick-off so great this year? Certainly not the weather. (I donned my bright yellow poncho to avoid the rain!) It was the abundance of gluten-free options at the Whole Foods Market City Picnic at the Midtown rest stop at 25th Street and Park Ave. This year, there were at least five companies giving out gluten-free samples. This is practically unheard of at public events. Usually you can only get this many gluten-free samples at a gluten-free vendor fair.

Thanks to Whole Foods NYC and Summer Streets for hosting the event. And a special thanks to the gluten-free vendors including Udi's Gluten-Free, Applegate Farms (Udi's gluten-free buns with the hotdogs would have been a nice bonus!, Garden Lites, Honest Tea, CalNaturale Svelte, Organic Valley, Cabot Cheese, SweetLeaf Iced Teas, and Nature's Path. (I know I am missing a few, but I can't remember who?!)

Weather permitting, I will be at Summer Streets again tomorrow.
Will I see you there?! Come find me!


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