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Monday, August 5, 2013
New York State Celiac Awareness Legislative Package
I was contacted by the legislative director to Senator Kevin Parker in New York State about Celiac Disease awareness. Senator Parker is looking for letters of support for these bills to be passed in New York State.

According to Senator Parker's Chief of Staff:
"Senator Parker was acquainted with the challenge of celiac disease both from a personal acquaintance, and by the fact that several staff members of the Senate suffer from the disorder.

His first act in beginning to address this scourge was to draft a bill to try to raise awareness about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity/intolerance by creating an education program in the schools. Soon after that, he put forward a resolution in 2010 requesting the Governor to proclaim May of 2010 Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

As you know, both of those actions were the first legislative activity in New York on the issue of celiac disease. Unsurprisingly, after those actions, Senator Parker heard from a broad spectrum of the celiac advocate community, which is how he determined to draft more legislation aimed at more facets of this widespread problem."

These are hugely important pieces of legislation for those of us living with Celiac Disease. I encourage all of my New York readers to support these pieces of legislation today. I have included links to sample letters below the legislation.

Please contact Ricja Rice if you have any questions at 518-455-2573 or

1. S3199 PARKER Same as A 2574 Ortiz (MS) Requires the commissioner of health to establish means of educating proprietors and employees of public eating establishments about food allergens.

2. S3087 PARKER Establishes the New York state celiac disease awareness and research fund; provides for education on celiac disease awareness.

3. S3094 PARKER Relates to requiring the notice of gluten content in foods being served in state owned, operated or leased cafeterias and all cafeterias operated by the state university of New York.

4. S4283 PARKER Requires gluten cross-contamination safeguards in food establishments owned, operated or leased by any department or agency of the state.

You can download a draft memo in support of Celiac legislation in New York State here.

Don't delay. Support NYS Celiac legislation today! Email, fax, or regular mail are just fine! 

Please send all of your memos to:

Ricja D. Rice, Esq.
Legislative Director
State Senator Kevin Parker
604 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
T.  518.455.2580
F.  518.426.6843

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