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Thursday, June 12, 2014
Pasta Flyer in New York City and Beyond!
Last night, the NYC Celiac Meetup Group and the Brooklyn Gluten-Free Meetup had a launch party for Pasta Flyer. Pasta Flyer is a new Kickstarter project started by Chef Mark Ladner of the award-winning Del Posto in New York City. In my eight years of leading this Meetup group, I think this was my most exciting event ever! It's not every day (or year) that you have a James Beard nominee from a four-star restaurant talking to your group in a small, friendly, intimate setting like this. The room was buzzing with excitement.

Held in the 100% gluten-free kitchen of Krumville Bake Shop in Brooklyn, we had a sold-out event! Throughout the evening our members got to meet Chef Mark Ladner, chat with him about his new Pasta Flyer project, and eat some amazing gluten-free food. Chef Mark prepared his famous 100-layer gluten-free lasagna, garlic dots (think garlic knots/popovers), and dried rice penne with caramel. As expected, the food was amazing and of course, gluten-free. It was so awesome to see so many smiling group members eating safe gluten-free food made by a gourmet chef!

Members of the NYC Celiac Meetup Group

Chef Mark Ladner making his gluten-free garlic dots!

Everyone in our Meetup group was slightly starstruck by meeting Chef Mark, who couldn't have been any nicer. We all were beyond appreciative for the attention he is paying to the gluten-free community through his pasta research and this new project. I was especially impressed that a chef of his caliber is not only going out of his way to learn about gluten-free food, but is also so excited to meet the gluten-free and Celiac community. You guys, he took a night off from Del Posto to cook for US! This was a wonderful experience!

Check out that view from the Krumville ktichen! 

Whipping up some gluten-free focaccia bread

The point of our event was not only to eat gluten-free food, but to also introduce Pasta Flyer to NYC and the world. I really encourage you to check out the Pasta Flyer Kickstarter page and help make this gluten-free project a reality. This concept is going to revolutionize the food industry. It is going to bring gluten-free pasta to the limelight in a gourmet, yet affordable way. Please go to the page and back Pasta Flyer today.

Thank you Chef Mark for attending our NYC Celiac Meetup group event last night. It was such an honor! 

Also, a special shout out to my dear friend Kristen, from Wine with Kristen, for her impromptu sommelier job last night!


Click here to see even more pictures on our Facebook page.

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