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Thursday, September 4, 2014
Upcoming Gluten-Free Fun Speaking Engagements
To say that I am busy would be the understatement of the year. I feel like I haven't slept in days! I have been working on some really exciting gluten-free projects that I am getting ready to announce. I also have a crazy September calendar that is literally going to keep me bouncing from state to state. New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey again, Portland... WHEW! I am tired already and it's only the fourth day of the month.

I would LOVE to meet you all at some of these upcoming gluten-free events. If you are attending any of these events, please come find me and say hello. I am always thrilled and humbled to meet my readers!

Find me here... 

Gluten Intolerance Group of Orange County Online Meeting
What: Presenter "Socializing Gluten-Free"
When: September 4, 2014; 7pm PST/10pm EST; TONIGHT!!
Where: Your Computer! It's an online meeting. Feel free to join us.
Find me: Online

Gluten and Allergen Free Expo
What: Attending with the NYC Celiac Meetup Group
When: September 6, 2014; 9am-3pm
Where: Meadowlands Exposition Center; Secaucus, NJ
Find me: I will be wearing a black t-shirt with the Meetup logo in the middle.

What: Presenter, "Industry Secrets and How to Run a Successful Gluten-Free Blog"
When: September 6, 2014; 5pm
Where: New York City
Find Me: Sorry, invite Only!

What: Attendee and representative of a cool new pop-up project (details to come!) 
When: September 13, 2014; 12pm-6pm
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Find Me: This is part of the secret. Find me and my shirt will tell you about my new project! 

New York Celebrate Celiac™ Community Party
What: Guest Speaker
When: September 20, 2014; 10am-1pm
Where: Affinia Manhattan Hotel Ballroom; 371 7th Avenue, New York, NY
Find me: I will be wearing a black t-shirt with the Meetup logo in the middle.

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Anonymous Candice said...

Woahhh, your schedule is making me tired, but at least it's all exciting things!! Keep up the great advocacy.

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