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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Help Krumville Bake Shop Grow with Kiva Zip
I recently became involved with Kiva Zip NYC, a company that crowd funds loans for small businesses. This is a really unique way to help a business grow by lending a small amount of money to the campaign. Unlike Kickstarter or other crowd funding platforms, Kiva Zip loans are always paid back to the lender by the borrower. Kiva Zip loans can be used for any business purpose, such as investing in new equipment, purchasing inventory, hiring staff, expanding product lines, marketing or advertising, etc.

Loans are crowd-funded on the Kiva Zip website by individuals around the world who invest as little as $25. It’s a powerful marketing platform that can get a business exposure to new potential customers and advocates.  Their funding success rate is over 90% and the process only takes a few weeks.

I was so impressed with the Kiva Zip model that I decided to become a trustee. As a trustee, I get to put my name and support behind some really innovative small businesses. I can work with the borrowers to help them meet their fundraising needs while giving them guidance about how to reach the gluten-free customer. Please note, I do not make any money being a trustee. I just get to help other entrepreneurs meet their goals.

My first endorsement is Krumville Bake Shop, a local gluten-free bakery based in Brooklyn, New York. I have known Krumville Bake Shop and owner Antonella for years. Antonella has provided the NYC Celiac Meetup Group with many delicious gluten-free treats at local events. She has hosted baking classes for our group as well as sharing her space with the Pasta Flyer team. Antonella has celiac disease and must eat gluten-free so she knows exactly what the gluten-free customer is looking for in a baked good. Besides being a great baker, Antonella is also a super friendly and generous person. When the Kiva Zip stars aligned and Krumville was looking for a trustee to endorse her project, I knew she would be my first endorsement!

It would be amazing if you could help Antonella meet her Kiva Zip borrowing goal. This loan will help Krumville Bake Shop buy new baking equipment, increase their inventory, and grow their online brand. Your money will also help a hardworking gluten-free baker grow her business AND you will be paid back throughout the duration of the loan. It seems like a win-win to me!

There are only 7 days left of Krumville Bake Shop's Kiva Zip campaign so be sure to visit the lending page today:

If you are looking to become a borrower and need an endorsement, please click here

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