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Friday, February 26, 2016
Save the Date: Gluten-Free Fun with the Santa Cruz Socialites
One of my biggest worries about moving out of NYC to California was losing my gluten-free network and friends. I worked years to build a strong gluten-free community both in person and online and I was concerned that leaving New York would break those bonds. But then I realized so much of my support system is through this website and my social media channels, making me quite location independent. My readers (YOU) all sent so many kind words and I received a ton of encouragement through my NYC Celiac Meetup group. Soon I had Friends introducing me to friends, gluten-free locals making suggestions of where to eat, and so many of you giving me the motivation I needed after my cross country move!

For those of you who know me personally, you won't be surprised to hear that I dove head first into networking here in Santa Cruz, CA. I knew if I sat idle, I would have been even more homesick than I was. (Yes, it happened/happens. I miss NY!). I joined the Santa Cruz Challenge, a 12-week boot camp that lets me explore the beautiful west coast, meet others, and get a hardcore daily workout on the beach. One of the very first people I met through the Challenge was Monica Karst, the founder of Santa Cruz Socialites. The name alone struck me as very "Housewives of Santa Cruz" but it is the exact opposite. The Santa Cruz Socialites is a community and online directory of prominent and powerful female business owners across Santa Cruz County. Monica's mission with the Santa Cruz Socialites is to "bring the diverse women in our [Santa Cruz] community together, creating an empowering network of resources, education and inspiration." I left thinking I might have met my new West Coast people!

A few weeks after I initially met Monica, I met up with her again after one of my bootcamps. Covered in sand and sitting in the sun (yes, this is how I take my meetings now), I told Monica all about GlutenFreelancer, my gluten-free consulting business. I also told her about my years of living with celiac disease, my Gluten-Free Fun and Gluten-Free Globetrotter websites, and my gluten-free adventures. Immediately, she felt like I would be a good fit for the Santa Cruz Socialites community.

Each Tuesday morning, the Santa Cruz Socialites hold a "Take Away Tuesday" phone call full of information, inspiration, and motivation for entrepreneurs to use in life and business. I am thrilled to announce I am the guest host next Tuesday, March 1, 2016. I will share my gluten-free expertise and lifelong celiac experiences with the Santa Cruz Socialites community. I am so excited to introduce myself to the Santa Cruz Socialites network and hopefully make some new business connections here in Santa Cruz County!

The best news? You don't have to be a Santa Cruz Socialite to join in! You can dial in at 9am PST on Tuesday if you want to hear me make my Santa Cruz Gluten-Free Debut!

Santa Cruz Socialites 
TakeAwayTuesday with Erin Smith
9:00am PST 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Dial in number: (712) 775-7031 
Meeting ID: 572-832-217

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