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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Win It Wednesday: Lawless Jerky

Last summer, I discovered Lawless Jerky at an event at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, NY. I usually just breeze by tables that I think are full of gluten, but something lured me to the Lawless Jerky table. I was not disappointed, especially when I discovered it said GLUTEN-FREE right across the packaging. Sunny day, Brooklyn park, gluten-free snack! I was definitely winning that day.

Jerky is one of those foods I never even tried until I was an adult. That is probably because it used to be rare to find gluten-free jerky. Now, I tend to try any (gluten-free) jerky or meat snacks I can get my hands It is a great high-protein snack to carry with you and a nice alternative to the usual crackers/chips/bars/carbs celiacs usually snack on. Lawless Jerky also comes in a convenient resealable bag which makes it a great travel snack to throw in a carry-on bag.

Lawless Jerky offers "seven world-inspired flavors, including Sweet Sriracha (beef), Aloha Teriyaki (beef), BBQ Spare Rib (pork), Honey Chipotle (beef), Mango Habanero (beef), [Pho (beef) beware: not gluten-free], and Japanese Curry (beef). All flavors are thoughtfully handmade with consciously raised meats, including 100% grass-fed beef and hormone-free, antibiotic-free pork." Please note the only non-gluten-free flavor they have is the Pho on account of the wheat ingredient in the plum sauce. My personal favorite is the Honey Chipotle!

Lawless Jerky is for sale across the whole country with heavy distribution in both New York and California. Looking for a store near you? Check here. You can read a full list of ingredients and nutritional information as well as purchase Lawless Jerky at their website.

Want to win a sample pack of Lawless Jerky? Enter below!

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