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Friday, October 7, 2016
Gluten Hot Spots in Restaurants
For many people with celiac disease, dining away from home is a bit nerve wracking. You aren't in control in the kitchen and you are putting your trust in others to prepare you a safe meal. Do you know all of the places where gluten lurks in restaurants? If not, chance are the restaurant does not either.

Beyond Celiac put together this great infographic about where gluten hides in the kitchen. I highly recommend printing this out and bringing it to your favorite restaurant. It is up to us to be our own best advocates and educate others.

From the Beyond Celiac website:
Dining out is one of the biggest challenges of living with celiac disease. When you're not in control of the food, it's easy to feel anxious about the possibility of becoming sick. While it's impossible to never be accidentally exposed to gluten, you can arm yourself with information to keep you safe. The best place to start? Knowing where the risks are.

Click here to download the entire document including explanations of hot spots.

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Thanks for sharing, Erin! Hope your followers find this information helpful next time they venture out to eat. - Alicia @ Beyond Celiac

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