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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Celebrating Snacky Hour with Enjoy Life Foods
Last week, I was invited to a girls night happy hour at my friend Anita's house. I knew Anita's daughter had celiac disease so I decided to bring along some Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Chip cookies for us to enjoy. I figured if I wasn't eating anything else at the party I could safely eat, at least I would have some cookies. Let the Enjoy Life "Snack Hour" begin!

As I drove to the party, I couldn't help but laugh when I looked over at my pocketbook sitting on the passenger seat. It was one of those "You know you are a celiac when..." moments. Some people smuggle booze and cigarettes in their bags. Apparently, I smuggle gluten-free cookies.

When I arrived at my friend's house, I was greeted warmly by friends I haven't seen since my wedding. I was handed a glass of wine and was also shown to the "safe plate" in the kitchen. Like I said, my friend's daughter has celiac so she knew the importance of keeping a plate separate for me. My plate already had dips scooped out from uncontaminated bowls and carrot sticks cut ahead of time. As my friend brought out new dishes to the party, she always served me first before anyone else could contaminate the dip with gluten. To say this was a relief was an understatement. I wish every hostess could be as kind and understanding as Anita. She went above and beyond to feed me deliciously and safely that night and I am so grateful.

My "safe plate" kept away from contaminants!

Anita fed me so well that night, that we never made it to the Enjoy Life cookies. I was stuffed from all of the yummy gluten-free appetizers she fed me at the party. I am sure that one of her four kids dove right into the cookies as soon as the grown-ups left and hope her celiac daughter managed to wrestle them away from her brothers!

While I didn't eat any Enjoy Life cookies at the party, I did eat some over the weekend and had time to really appreciate the extra steps my friend took so I could #EatFreely at her house.

Enjoy Life's recent "Snacky Hour" campaign is their way of giving us permission to #EatFreely by breaking up the normal, everyday routine. It's time to take a break and find enjoyment in our daily lives with delicious snacks that are free of allergens and worry. And more importantly, it is a reminder to Enjoy Life!

Disclosure: I received free Enjoy Life product in exchange for writing a review on this blog. There are no affiliate links in this post. 

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