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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Celebrating 11 Years of Gluten-Free Fun

You guys, I missed my own (blog) birthday. On January 4, 2007, Gluten-Free Fun was born. 

I am not really sure how it happened, but January 4th came and went and I didn't acknowledge a HUGE milestone for this blog. My blog is celebrating it's 11th year!

My good friend David encouraged me to start my blog way back in 2006 and I made it a resolution to start writing in January 2007. I could never have imagined that my very first post way back in 2007 would lead to the celiac life I lead today. I have literally traveled the world sharing my celiac disease story with friends and strangers.

I've written a whopping 1,200+ posts over the past 11 years! I've been left thousands of blog comments from readers across the globe. I've connected with even more of you via social media which didn't even exist when I launched this blog back in the day. I have connected with so many of you at gluten-free conferences across North America and I am always so humbled when you come and say hello.

While my writing isn't as frequent as it used to be and the blog looks a little bit dated (the longest redesign in the history of the interwebs is still happening), I'm still here being the best celiac advocate I know how to be. I write this blog for YOU. If it weren't for my dear readers and friends, Gluten-Free Fun would never have lasted 11 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Really, truly, THANK YOU!

Even if my blog goes quiet from time to time, you can always connect with me via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Blogger Unknown said...

I just read your 1st blog from 2007, in addition to this one, and your story is very encouraging. I was just diagnosed (well, as far as I know...unless the three tests indicating it were false positives) with Celiac at 29 years old. After a year of annoying stomach bloating, thinking I had IBS and would have to cut out, or limit, nearly all of the high FODMAP foods, just eliminating gluten sounds better, so far. I have not even made it a full week gluten free yet, so I'm hoping to notice a difference in a few months. Thankfully, the endoscopy showed no damage to the villi structure yet, so I'm lucky to have caught it early :) Your story is much different, being diagnosed as a child, and getting extremely sick as a result. I got my fill of gluten-containing foods growing up, but now I'm actually appreciative of an incentive to take better care of myself. My will-power in avoiding certain foods is not the greatest, so some days I needed doctor's orders to tell me, "no more." How have you gotten to travel the world, telling your story?

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