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Monday, March 5, 2018
Gluten-Filled Dreams and Nightmares

The other night, I woke up startled. It was after a night full of (dream) eating gluten. 

In my dream, I was walking down the street eating a regular baguette. I was chewing it, sucking on the bread, spitting it out, and then rinsing my mouth. The person I was with (can't remember who was walking next to me) kept asking me if I was supposed to be eating that bread. I said no and I knew it was full of gluten but that I couldn't stop eating it. In my dream, the bread tasted SO. DAMN. GOOD. It was warm, it was chewy, it was bready, and it was full of gluten. I knew it was bad for me yet I couldn't stop eating. I knew rinsing my mouth out would do nothing and that I would probably be sick in minutes, but I couldn't stop eating. I could almost smell the bread when I woke up, it was that good. Lucky for me, it was just a dream and I didn't get sick. Unlucky for me, it was just a dream and I didn't eat a real baguette.

I've read about these gluten dreams in the past, but I never experienced one myself. I think that comes from going gluten-free at the age of 2 1/2 years old. I really don't remember life before going gluten-free. My celiac family members were diagnosed as adults as were many of my celiac friends. They know life with gluten, I do not. This dream caught me off guard and made me wonder how often people with celiac disease dream about eating gluten so I took my question to Twitter. The response was OVERWHELMING to say the least.

You all dream about eating gluten A LOT! 















It is so crazy to me how our celiac brains work. We know gluten is bad for us, yet we dream about eating it. Some people enjoy the moment while others panic about eating gluten and wake up sweating.  Have you ever had a dream about eating gluten? If so, what happened? Leave a comment below! 

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