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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Risotteria's Gluten Free Goods
You have read the hype about Risotteria at 270 Bleecker Street in NYC, but you haven't made it to the big city yet. You are now in luck because you can order directly from the restaurant and have it shipped to you in the continental United States. Risotteria is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. (See Gluten-Free Gold and Celiac Disease article posting for more details.) The first time I walked in there and had gluten-free breadsticks, gluten-free paninis, and gluten-free beer it brought tears to my eyes. As I speak to other Celiac patrons, I realize they often have the exact same reaction.

Risotteria now ships everything from gluten-free cookies and mixes, to gluten-free breadcrumbs and croutons, and even their famous gluten-free New York City black-and-white cookies.

Click on the image below or visit for more information about the restaurant and their new gluten free goods!

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Blogger Gluten Free Anna said...


This is great news! I ate at Risotteria last summer and will do so again on August 10th (yes, I have the date set). I had a delish pizza, but even better was the carrot cake. Not just the best GF carrot cake I've had, but the best carrot cake of all the carrot cakes I've had.

Time for delivery...


Blogger Karen said...

WOW! What great news! Thanks for the heads up.

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