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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
More info about Dr. Oz's Celiac Show on 12/10
The plot thickens...

I just got this press release, I am assuming from the Dr. Oz show. This should make for a very interesting show. (insert sarcasm here) There was a lot of controversy over Ms. Hasslebeck's G-Free Guide and now she is going to show a newly diagnosed Celiac how to eat properly? Good thing Dr. Green and Dr. Oz will be there to set her straight, just in case. ;-)

On Tuesday, December 10th, Elizabeth Hasselbeck of “The View” with make her “Dr. Oz Show” debut. Her initiation? To examine an actual small intestine, the major organ affected by Celiac Disease.

Elizabeth – along with 3 million other Americans – suffers from Celiac, a condition that is largely misdiagnosed as IBS, and most commonly referred to as a gluten allergy. As you know, it can wreak havoc on your body and even lead to liver disease and cancer!

Having gone for years without a proper diagnosis, Elizabeth felt relief for the first time while travelling to Australia for Survivor in 2001. “Every day there, everyone around me was feeling worse…I started feeling better.” But when she got home and resumed eating a regular, gluten-heavy diet, she immediately felt sick again. According to The View’s most outspoken patriot, she knew either it was a food allergy or she “was allergic to the United States!”

In addition to the small intestine, Elizabeth will also be joined by her physician and leading expert, Dr. Peter Green, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University at NY Presbyterian Hospital. Elizabeth will the take Dr. Oz viewer Amy – newly diagnosed with Celiac herself – through her G-Free guide, showing her things to avoid (licorice, beer play-doh) and things to try (quinoa, Glutino products)!

Again, the show airs on Thursday, December 10th (check local listings for station and air time).

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Anonymous CinnamonQuill said...

Thanks for the heads up; I had no idea! Hopefully someone will put it up on YouTube or Dr. Oz website! Sounds really interesting, for sure.

Blogger marylandceliac said...

Where did you find the press release? It is very interesting! I love the part "in addition to the small intestine, Elisabeth will be joined..." I certainly wish the show did not include Hasselbeck and her book. It is great that Dr.Oz is finally doing a show on celiac.

Too bad they couldn't spell their own client's name right...

Blogger Just Call Me Zippy said...

Thank you for posting this. I have it set to record.

Blogger Erin S. said...

I got the press release from Dr Oz's producers. I also noticed they spelled Elisabeth's name wrong. If I get a video, I will be sure to post it. Thanks for all of your comments!

Anonymous Tiffany said...

I agree with Maryland Celiac - EH should not be on the show. She certainly should not be telling people how to follow our diet. Maybe she'll mention her ridiculous plate switch trick' to the celiac viewer/guest. It's nice that Oz is doing the show though since Oprah doesn't seem interested in the topic. Recently I wrote a post about my dream Oprah show about celiac. I listed all the guests I'd like to see and EH didn't make the cut.

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