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Thursday, June 3, 2010
Define Glutard
I found this on Urban Dictionary (a fave!) today after debating the meaning of the word over gluten-free beers last night. I thought it was quite amusing. Sorry for those of you who are easily offended.

Glutard: One who does not possess the enzymes necessary to digest gluten, a main ingredient in wheat products. One who is "glutarded" must only eat gluten-free foods, such as water, tofu, and air.

"Hey, do you want some pasta for dinner?"
"No, sorry, I'm a glutard."
"...what does that mean?"
"It means... I'm glutarded."
"Oh. Okay."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is hysterical! thanks for cracking me up at work today!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it is completely un-PC but that is hilarious! I needed that chuckle today!

And I love urban dictionary! I get the WOD!

Blogger The Celiac Diva said...

I'm so not offended and love it!

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