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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
The New Gluten Free Bar
I got some samples of a new product called The Gluten Free Bar a few weeks ago. I ate the peanut butter bar one afternoon at work instead of my usual pre-workout LaraBar. I had the chocolate peanut butter one during an office party where everyone else was eating cupcakes. I liked the chocolate peanut butter bar much better than the oriiginal. I liked that it wasn't super sweet since I often find the LaraBars too sweet depending on flavor. It was also a bit drier than my usual snack which made it more cookie-like to me but I didn't mind this texture. There are also chocolate peanut butters available.

The Gluten Free Bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, a good source of omega-3, and all natural. As of now, they are only avaialble in chocolate and peanut butter. They are 12 or 13 grams of protein per bar depending on the flavor. This is something that definitely interests me since I am always looking for more protein in my diet. They are bigger than the LaraBars by about 0.4oz but have the same number of calories as many of the bars. They are minimally processed and handmade in a completely gluten free environment on gluten free equipment.

Overall, I liked the Gluten Free Bar but I think the price might deter me from buying these regularly. Online, the bars are available by the case by flavor, by a case of mixed flavors, or in a sampler pack. The sampler packs puts the bars at $3.50 each, while the case puts the bars between $2.30 and $2.40 per bar. This is a lot more expensive than what I usually would like to pay for an snack bar. If their distribution goes up which then brings the price down, I would consider buying these as a pre-workout snack.

Click here to order your Gluten Free Bars today.



Anonymous Carla Spacher said...

I'm looking for products for gluten-free gift baskets, therefore, I really appreciate reading your review. Much thanks! Carla

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