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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Gluten-Free Fun Camp
No, I am not hosting a camp this summer (I WISH!) but I did find this camp online when doing a Google search about my blog. As I have mentioned before, my summers at D.P.F. 4-H Camp are some of my best memories from growing up. I went out there for 7 consecutive summers and even worked my way up to senior counselor. My sister and I often reminisce and talk about the day when we can both quit our jobs and go back to being summer camp counselors. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a gluten-free camp. Lately, it seems that these camps are popping up all over the place. This Gluten-Free Fun Camp is located in Maple Lake, MN and is sponsored by Twin Cities R.O.C.K. volunteers and Camp Courage. Read on for more information.

Gluten-Free Fun Camp

If you have a child with celiac disease this could be a treat -- a camp experience like none other! Campers get all the whole package: cabins, swimming, horseback riding AND the entire menu is gluten-free. No one feels left out or different, Join us for Gluten-Free Fun Camp at Camp Courage in Maple Lake, Minnesota August 10-13th, 2010.

Deadline for camp registration is July 15th! Or sign up for our one-day, Day Camp too (see below)!

Preparing for Camp: packing, check-in instructions and more

A partnership between Twin Cities R.O.C.K. volunteers and Camp Courage, Gluten-Free Fun Camp allows the food part of a celiac lifestyle to become secondary to having fun. At school, parties, and other camps, these children spend every day carefully planning meals, reading labels, considering food options, and eating something different than most of their peers. At Gluten-Free Fun camp, all of the food is gluten free and carefully prepared to ensure safe eating for the campers leaving no reason for the campers to wonder “can I eat this?”

Camp Courage is located on more than 300 acres of land, which includes lakeshore on Cedar Lake. Campers will enjoy swimming, boat rides, tubing, horseback riding, hiking, bonfires, crafts, beach parties, night games and more! This is the whole camp experience. Camp counselors are provided by Camp Courage and are fully trained to assist children with medical needs. They also will be eating the same gluten-free food as the campers.

Our Food Coordinator along with ROCK volunteers carefully prepare each delicious gluten-free meal and snack. While the goal is for the campers to forget about food for awhile, cooking staff strives to make each meal an event to remember. Past favorites include a pizza party, cotton candy and snow-cones on the beach, and a chocolate fountain.

Who can come to Gluten-Free Fun Camp?

Children ages 8-17 who have celiac disease or who are on a gluten-free diet are welcome at Gluten-Free Fun Camp.

Friends and siblings of children with Celiac or on a GF diet may also attend camp (Important: all campers and staff must adhere to the gluten-free diet while at camp). All children must be 8 before September 1, 2010.

Other dietary restrictions can also be accommodated.

It is $270 for a child to attend Gluten-Free Fun Camp. For more information on the fee structure or to apply for a scholarship, download the registration form now. Deadline for camp registration is July 15th!

One-Day, Day Camp at Gluten-Free Fun Camp

If you have a child who doesn't meet the age requirement yet or isn't ready to sleep away from home, you can still experience camp for a few hours. Enjoy two gluten-free meals, plus horseback riding, swimming and more! Our "Day Camp" option will be available on August 11.

Details: Check-in is at 11:30 AM, followed by introductions and a craft for the kids. We will then eat a great gluten free lunch with the overnight campers. A tour of the facilities will be given and special activities, such as a beach party and horseback riding, will be planned for day campers. Then we will all join the campers again for dinner.

There is a charge of $10 for one parent and one child. Additional parents are $7 and additional children are $3 each. The maximum a family will be charged is $20. This can be paid when checking in on August 11.

If you want to RSVP for Day Camp or have additional questions about it, contact our camp coordinator by locating "Gluten Free Fun Camp" in the Contact Us dropdown. Please RSVP by July 15th.

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