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Friday, February 25, 2011
Recipe of the Week: German Pancakes
I was off of work on Monday for President's Day and I was really craving pancakes. I had a big bag of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix, so I took to the Bob's Red Mill website to find a good gluten-free pancake recipe using this mix. I found the German Pancake recipe and I decided to give it a try. The recipe was simple enough and I had all ingredients on hand for both the pancake and a cinnamon apple topping.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free German Pancakes

1/4 cup Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour
1/2 cup Milk
1 Tb Butter, melted
3 Eggs

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Melt butter in a 9" pie pan in oven. Keep pan in oven to stay hot.
  2. Blend eggs and milk together in a blender; add flour to egg mixture and blend some more. Pour into preheated and buttered pie pan. Bake 18 minutes. Pancake will rise and puff.
  3. Serve hot with your favorite topping. Makes 4 servings.

Erin's Apple Cinnamon Topping

1 apple, diced (peeled or unpeeled, it's up to you)
1 tsp of sugar (I used one packet of Sugar in the Raw)
1/2 tsp of cinnamon

  1. Dice up apple and put in a microwavable dish.
  2. Sprinkle apples with cinnamon and sugar.
  3. Microwave on high for 2 1/2 minutes, stir, and then microwave for another 2-3 minutes depending on how soft you want your apples to be. 

I never had German Pancakes before so I didn't know what to expect. Unfortunately, these did not take like the pancakes I was craving. The pancake puffed up to this HUGE eggy thing. It wasn't the soft, fluffy pancake I wanted to eat for breakfast that day. I wouldn't necessarily say it was gross, but it really just didn't fit my mood that day. I liked the flavor better once it sat for a few minutes and once I topped it with the apples and cinnamon and a TON of maple syrup. It certainly was an easy recipe, but probably my least favorite recipe of 2011.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Using 1 egg instead of 3 might give a more regular pancake. The eggs did just what they were supposed to do, fluff up. Sorry it was disappointing to you but one person's flop is another's delight. Cheers!

Anonymous Angie Halten said...

I do love eggs and especially when they puff up in recipes, so I will certainly give this on a try. Your disappointment just might be my delight!


Blogger Susan P. said...

German pancakes, a puffy, egg, souffle-type dish have been a family favorite for years. I have also heard them called dutch babies, hootenanny, pfannkuchen. They are served with syrup, jams, lemon juice w/ powdered sugar, berries, or cinnamon apples. We often use applesauce. I think the disappointment was in your expectation for our more common flap-jack type pancakes. These are two very different dishes. So I'd say your experiment was like going to the airport and ending up in San Francisco when you expected New York. San Francisco is a great destination if that's where you planned!

These actually aren't eierkuchen, which are German Pancakes. These are the Dutch version. The German version is more of a buttery crepe done on the stove top, and has been a staple in my German family for 14 years. The gluten free recipe here sounds interesting though. Thank you for sharing.

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