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Friday, June 3, 2011
Save Your Favorite Gluten-Free Foods at Costco
I read this in yesterday's GIG newsletter. Although I don't shop at Costco, I know many people that day. Save your favorite gluten-free products. Make your voice heard!

Do you enjoy being able to purchase gluten-free foods at your local Costco store? We have received word that Costco is threatening to pull these food items from their inventory due to slow sales and a general lack of interest. If you want to continue to see gluten-free foods at Costco, please take a moment to fill out a comment card at your local Costco requesting these types of foods be sold there. With your help, we can show Costco that there is a definite interest in keeping these products on their shelves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is my Costco doesn't carry any gluten free items, that's why I haven't joined. I will check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

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