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Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Kettle Reduced Fat Potato Chips
I've had Kettle Brand chips before, but I was excited to learn about their new reduced fat chip at Food Fete earlier this summer. I love potato chips; their crunch, their saltiness, their (usually) gluten-freeness! I try to buy unsalted chips or low-fat, but sometimes low-fat usually means low-flavor. This is not the case with the new Kettle Brand reduced fat line. These are some crunchy and flavorful chips! They are also gluten-free which makes them the perfect go-to snack for us on the gluten-free diet. I opened the Sea Salt &  Vinegar Krinkle Cut immediately. The first thing I realized was that these were the first krinkle cut kettle chips I ever ate. Somehow I think the krinkle adds to the signature kettle crunch which is fine by me. The second thing I realized is that I didn't get that overpowering weird feeling in my jaw from the vinegar flavoring. There was just enough flavor to make these good but not too much vinegar. I would definitely buy these chips, especially if I saw the smaller bags at the deli or local bodega. All of the new reduced fat kettle chips are gluten-free so pick some up today!

Here is some more information from the company:

These surprisingly indulgent potato chips are made with all natural ingredients, sunflower and safflower oils, and have only 130 calories per serving. But don’t fret – these chips have all the flavor and crunch you expect from Kettle Brand with 40% less fat. The new line is launching with the following flavors:
  • Sea Salt (on store shelves now)
  • Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper (in stores in August)
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar Krinkle Cut (in stores in August)
Like all Kettle Brand® snacks, the new Reduced Fat potato chips are made with only the best, all natural ingredients – no trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives.


SALEM, Ore. – Kettle Brand, a pioneer in the batch-cooked, all natural potato chip category, is bringing its most popular flavors to a new reduced fat potato chip that delivers signature bold flavor and hearty crunch, with 40 percent less fat. Surprisingly indulgent at only 130 calories per serving, the new line extends the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and natural ingredients to one of the fastest growing snack categories.

The first flavor in the Reduced Fat line-up, original Sea Salt, is already making its way onto store shelves. Sea Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, two of the brand’s most popular flavors, will be added later this summer. Sea Salt & Vinegar Reduced Fat will debut on a Krinkle Cut™, answering consumer requests to pair the robust flavor with a hearty, ridge-style chip. It will be the only all natural, reduced fat, thick ridge-style chip on the market. Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, already a best seller on a Krinkle Cut™ chip, will be offered for the first time as a reduced fat option in the traditional style chip.

“We may have reduced the fat, but the flavor is as indulgent as ever,” said Julie Dunmire, Kettle Brand Marketing Director. “We’re excited to offer consumers a choice of chip styles in traditional flavor favorites. Now when someone is seeking a healthier snacking choice, they can experience the same crunch, texture and great tasting, all natural flavor they crave. You truly cannot tell they are reduced fat without looking at the bag.”

Like all Kettle Brand snacks, the reduced fat potato chips are made with the finest, all natural, non-GMO ingredients – no trans fat, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no MSG. Only the same all natural sunflower and safflower oils found in the original line are used in making Kettle Brand Reduced Fat potato chips. However, a proprietary cooking technique results in chips which provide a satisfying crunch and flavor, while delivering a lower fat profile. By offering its most popular signature flavors in three different lines, Original, Baked and now Reduced Fat, Kettle Brand provides retailers and consumers with their favorite varieties of potato chips cooked their way.

“The tang of the vinegar, the spice of the pepper and the crunch of the potato are there in full force,” said Carolyn Richards, Kettle Brand Chief Flavor Architect. “We worked hard to ensure the experience of our new Reduced Fat potato chip line lives up to the Kettle Brand standard.”

Kettle Brand® Reduced Fat Sea Salt potato chips are available in 8-oz. bags nationwide with a SRP of $3.49. Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper and Sea Salt & Vinegar Krinkle Cut™ flavors will arrive on store shelves in August.

About Kettle Brand®
Kettle Brand is one of the leaders in the premium potato chip category. With manufacturing sites in Salem, Ore., Beloit, Wis. and Norwich, U.K., Kettle Brand is distributed throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Guam, South Korea and Western Europe. Kettle Brand products include more than 20 flavors and four varieties of potato chips as well as tortilla chips, nut butters and trail mixes.

Kettle Brand is part of Diamond Foods, which is based in San Francisco. Diamond Foods is an innovative packaged food company focused on building, acquiring and energizing brands, including Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, Emerald® snack nuts, Pop Secret® popcorn, and Diamond of California® culinary and snack nuts. The company’s products are distributed in a wide range of stores where snacks and culinary nuts are sold.

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