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Monday, January 30, 2012
Celiac Disease Lifer
Do you know anyone that's had Celiac Disease for more than 5 years? More than 10 years?
More than 30 years???

Yep, you do. It's me.

Dana, from Gluten Freedom Blog, asked me to share my story with her readers and I happily obliged. I feel that as someone that has been gluten-free and living with Celiac Disease for 31 out of the past 33 years, I have a really unique perspective in our community. Many people people feel that their lives are over after a Celiac diagnosis. I honestly don't know life any other way.

A Celiac Story from Erin: 30 Years of Experience

My Celiac story is longer than most, spanning more than 30 years. Although it was a long and bumpy ride at times, I truly believe being gluten-free for almost my entirely life and having Celiac Disease molded me into the person I am today.


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Anonymous Gluten Dude said...

Ok...that's the cutest picture ever.

Hopefully I can keep your positive attitude 25 years from now, when I'll be 30 years in.

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