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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Gluten-Free Fun is heading to Portland
Do you know I write two blogs? My blog Gluten-Free Globetrotter is about embracing a gluten-free lifestyle while traveling the world. I love to travel but hear all too often that people with Celiac Disease on a gluten-free diet are afraid to leave home. While I understand the nervousness, I have NEVER let Celiac stop me from exploring the world. I have been to some really amazing places in my life and if I let my gluten-free lifestyle keep me from traveling I would have never eaten gluten-free spaghetti outside of the Vatican, dined in a gourmet restaurant on the rim of the Grand Canyon, or ridden ATVs in the desert of Aruba.

So if you aren't reading about my gluten-free travels or following them on Facebook and Twitter, I encourage you to do so today!

If you do read my Gluten-Free Globetrotter blog you will know that there are some big changes happening in my professional life. I can't get into too many public details but my day job (yes, I have one completely unrelated to this gluten-free world) is going to require some travel to the West Coast. This will be quite an adventure for this East Coast gal but exciting as well. I love exploring and this will give me the opportunity to check out Portland, OR. Read on for my details:

Yep, it’s true. I am adding a new city and state to my travelogue soon! 
There has been a lot going on in my “real” job lately. Although my passion and my babies are my two blogs and my NYC Celiac Meetup group, I have to pay my bills! When I tell people that I have a day job unrelated to the gluten-free world they are often shocked that I have the time for everything. Trust me, I don’t sleep much! 
My professional world has taken an unexpected turn and I have some regular travel to Portland, OR in my immediate future. I am excited about this for a few reasons. The top reason is that I hear Portland is a great place to be gluten-free. Obviously, this is music to my gluten-free ears. I am slowly adding bookmarks and taking all recommendations for gluten-free in Portland. Also, I love being outdoors. Portland is a very green city and I am excited to explore by foot and bicycle. 
Do you have any gluten-free favorites that I can’t miss in Portland? Please post them in the comments section below. I look forward to your recommendations. Stay tuned for my reviews and summaries soon!

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Anonymous barb.ibo@verizon.met said...

Gluten Free Travelette has a section of Portland restaurants on her blog. I found it from another blog link. When we were there we went to a tea house and they did really well for me. I'm sorry I can't remember the name. Z's Cup of Tea maybe? I didn't have any trouble eating in that city. If you have time,Powells' Book Store is amazing. I picked up some cookbooks there. It's 3 stories and a couple of city blocks.

Anonymous Lori McKnight said...

Hi, Erin, I ran across this site on Portland you might like.

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