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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Hot as Hell Nutella Milkshake
Friends, as I write this it is 95°F at 9pm here in New York City and I am literally melting. I had a fight with the woman at Best Buy who could not get anyone to help me with the air conditioners and my three fans aren't cutting it. To top it off, my asthma is the worst it has been in a year since the mold epidemic and I had to go for an emergency nebulizer treatment today. Needless to say I am having a little bit of a sweaty pity party over here. Not really my style since I think too many gluten-free and celiac bloggers are bitching a little much lately, but I digress.

In order to cheer myself up, I decided I wanted ice cream. Since I am too hot to walk to the store and I don't keep ice cream in my apartment simply because I usually eat it all in one sitting, I put on my thinking cap. Then I remembered what I had in the cupboard.... NUTELLA.

A little skim milk, a lot of ice, and a BOATLOAD of Nutella later and my sweaty pity party just got a little bit better. Now, I want to introduce you to my:

Erin's Hot as Hell Nutella Milkshake 

  • 1 cup skim milk 
  • 4 ice cubes 
  • 2 HUGE tablespoons of Nutella 

Put ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Pour into cup, insert straw, ENJOY! 

 Stay cool my dears.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cool, Erin. Hope you too can cool. It's already 103 heat index here. Thank goodness for AC when it works. Hope you don't get cooking any time soon. It's going to get worse before it cools the weather guessers say. Ow!

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