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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Make Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza at this Delicious Dinner Party
There are so many awesome gluten-free events in New York City in the next few weeks and months, I can barely keep up. I try to post all of the event I find to the NYC Celiac Meetup calendar, but there are some events that just need the extra love. This gluten-free pizza making party with Karen of Free Bread, Inc. is one of those events.

I first met Karen last summer when she opened up her home for a Free Bread tasting party for the NYC Celiac Meetup group. We gorged ourselves on her delicious, gluten-free rolls. Over the past year, I have been so impressed with Karen's drive and passion for her gluten-free business. She is a gluten-free force to be reckoned with! Karen has now taken her bread-making expertise and is making pizza with the gluten-free community. Her first two pizza making classes have sold out, but you have another chance to join this dinner party in September. Here are the details:

Make Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza Dinner Party

Indulge in a start-to-finish gluten-free dinner including wine after learning how to craft the perfect pizza pie.

  • Karen Freer is the founder of Free Bread, a gluten-free baking company
  • Make and bake a tasty dinner with the freshest local ingredients
  • Enjoy a feast of pizza, salad, dinner rolls, and wine, all gluten-free
The benefits of eating gluten-free sound pretty good to us: weight loss, a boost in energy, improved sleep, the list goes on and on. When we think about giving up pizza to go gluten-free though, that list suddenly holds less weight. That’s why we’re psyched that someone like Karen Freer has come along and saved us from making the decision between a good night of sleep and a stuffed crust pepperoni pie.
Karen was diagnosed with Celiac in 2007 and quickly realized that a life without bread and pizza wasn’t going to work out for her. She hit the kitchen and worked for months until she’d created a flavorful, gluten-free loaf of bread that finally satisfied her cravings.
On this experience, Karen is walking you through how to fulfill your own cravings with a gluten-free pizza-making night. From shaping the dough to “dressing” your pie with a wide variety of delicious topping choices, you’ll sit down knowing that the pizza in front of you is not only safe to eat, but also just as good as it’s gluten-filled counterpart. During dinner, Karen will serve up her famous Free Bread dinner rolls, a crisp salad, and the second most important component to any pizza dinner: the wine.

Buy your tickets today!

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Long Island City, NY

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