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Sunday, September 27, 2009
8th Annual Gala Benefit for the Celiac Diease Center at Columbia U. Medical Center

The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University invites you to celebrate 8 years of commitment and dedication to profoundly improving the lives of celiac patients around the globe. Join us for a reception and dinner at Mandarin Oriental, New York in New York City for an evening of spectacular gluten-free food and entertainment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Mandarin Oriental, New York
80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

Cocktails & Silent Auction 6:30 p.m.
Remarks & Dinner 7:30 p.m.
Music by Julliard
Attire: Festive

Silent Auction: Fabulous gifts will be offered through a silent auction. Checks, Amex, Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

For more information and to register, please click here.

Pre-registration is required!

Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University

Celiac Disease is an incurable autoimmune disorder characterized by intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. This intolerance damages the small intestine causing malabsorption of nutrients. In children, symptoms of the disease may include gastrointestinal problems, failure to thrive, tooth discoloration, short stature or developmental delays. In adults, untreated Celiac Disease may be associated with anemia, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis or infertility as well as Type 1 diabetes and certain cancers. The only known treatment for the disease is strict removal of gluten from the diet. The variety of symptoms combined with a general lack of awareness of the disease often leads to misdiagnosis or no diagnosis. Yet, celiac disease is actually relatively common. An estimated 3 million Americans have Celiac Disease (it is more prevalent than Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Multiple Sclerosis), yet 97% of cases are undiagnosed, leaving millions at risk.

The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center was established within the Department of Medicine at Columbia University in 2001 under the guidance of Peter Green, MD, one of a few recognized experts on celiac disease in the United States. The Center’s mission is to redefine the future of celiac disease and treatment through continuing advances in patient care, research, education and patient advocacy. The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center is one of a few centers in the United States that provides comprehensive medical care, including nutritional counseling, for adult and pediatric patients with celiac disease.

All of the Center’s research is directed toward celiac disease clinical, epidemiology, and mechanisms of pathogenesis of celiac disease and patient and physician education. The Center is diagnosing and treating more than 2800 patients annually from around the world. For additional information, please visit us online at

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Pediatric Celiac Study in New York
Winthrop University Hospital, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition is conducting a research study to evaluate the effect of gluten on children's behavior and thinking. It is not necessary for your child to have Celiac Disease to participate in this study.

They are seeking parents to enroll their children in the study.

To be eligible for the study, your child must:
  • Be on a gluten containing diet.
  • Be between 6 and 18 years of age.
  • Have no learning disabilities.
To find out if your child is eligible for for further information, please contact Winthrop University Hospital Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition at 516-663-4939

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Gluten-Free Gnocchi
I just read an awesome and easy recipe for gnocchi onGluten Free on a Shoe String. I can't wait to try it out. Until I found the gluten-free Nuovo gnocchi at Whole Foods about 1 1/2 years ago, I hadn't ever had the dish. I find the Nuovo gnocchi to be very dense, but based on the ingredients I assume all gnocchi would have this same density.

Thanks Gluten Free on a Shoe String for this recipe!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009
Gluten-Free Betty Crocker Review and Free GF Giveaway!
Gluten-Free Betty Crocker

In August, I became a Godmother for my best friend Trish's son Connor. I was very honored to be a part of their special day and of course, I came armed with goodies. I made the new Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and the gluten-free brownies. I could barely get the cookies into the container for the train trip without having one or three! I am not usually a c.c. cookie fan (I know, blasphemy) but I think that came from growing up without a good gluten-free option. Well, here it is! The Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes couldn't be easier. One box, some butter, some eggs (depending on which mix you are using), pop it in the oven and you are done. I do love to cook and bake, but I love making things that are this easy. The cookies and brownies were a big hit! No one even knew they were gluten-free. There was one other Celiac at the baptism and she was nervous to eat the brownie when it was handed over to her by Trish. Trish reassured her that I am the "gluten-free expert" and that she would never give her anything with gluten. Needless to say this girl was pleasantly surprised that she even had a gluten-free option at the baptism. If you haven't tried the new Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes yet, look for them in your local grocer today!

And now for the big giveaway!!! I am giving away a gluten-free Betty Crocker prize package to the fifth comment on this posting. Tell me why you would like these gluten-free mixes! lease be sure to include your email address so I can contact you for further details. The prize pack includes:

* Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
* Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil´s Food Cake Mix
* Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix
* Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Gluten-Free Alaska and Vancouver
Vancouver, BC is one of my favorite cities that I have ever been to in recent years. Bob & Ruth's Gluten-free Dining & Travel Club is sponsoring a trip to Alaska and Vancouver next year. It sounds amazing and I thought I would share the information with my readers. If you haven't heard of Bob & Ruth, they are a very sweet couple that organizes gluten-free tours around the world. All of their trips have a lot of heart and planning put into their organizing and they strive to achieve the best gluten-free dining options throughout their tours.

Here is the Alaska and Vancouver tour information:

May 17 ~ 26, 2010

This is our most requested cruise. We'll first tour the
cosmopolitan Canadian city of Vancouver - from the funky
Granville Island to the historic Gastown. Great panoramic
views of the Pacific Ocean and rugged mountains. We'll
stay at the Shangri-La Vancouver - the city's newest
luxury hotel.

We'll then board the m/s Volendam for our fifth exciting
Alaska cruise along scenery beyond description -
waterfalls, fjords, spectacular Glaciers and the plethora
of wildlife - bald eagles, sea otters, whales and so much

On land or onboard your luxury ship you'll be offered the
kind of Gluten-free food that we have become known for -
Safe and Delicious. Wait until you experience the Bob &
Ruth's Gluten-free Menu on the ship. Even if you've
sailed before on your own - you've never been accommated
the way our group is.

For all more detailed information, costs and reservation
forms check out our website

We must have at least 25 participants by Nov. 15, 2010 to
make this Gluten-free Getaway a GO.

For the best cabin selection within each category, we
suggest that you make your reservations as soon as you

If you have any questions call us at 410-939-3218.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Another Reason to Love BabyCakes NYC
As you know, BabyCakes NYC is one of the most popular (if only) bakery with gluten-free goodies in NYC. I have blogged about BabyCakes many times, usually around my birthday when I am indulging in their cupcakes. Today I have some good news to share with everyone thanks to BabyCakes. My friend Rachel got engaged last week and BabyCakes helped make her proposal special... and gluten-free! BabyCakes now has gluten-free donuts and they Rachel's boyfriend surprised her with more than donuts. Here's their blog posting:


By Erin McKenna on September 11, 2009 12:40 PM

If you've been to the bakery on the weekend, you've seen how packed out it gets in here. We're so busy that every limb is in use (one hand to frost, one to mix batter, a foot to clean the floor, the other foot scratching records). Needless to say, we aren't able to take orders or set anything aside for anyone--not even Madonna.

A couple weeks ago, however, one of the counter girls took a call from a panicked boyfriend. He wanted to make his girlfriend's birthday extra special with some fresh donuts to follow dinner. Girlfriend was a celiac who had never tasted a donut in her life and he wanted to give her an experience she would never forget. I think that day we were all pissed at our boyfriends or something because we all got teary about it and I quickly waved our normal policy and had the girls pack a perfect box of donuts for him to pick up.

A couple days ago, we received this very exciting email:


I have to say a million thank-yous to the chefs/bakers who created the
Gluten-Free doughnuts, as it made my evening on Saturday, August 29th
so very special. I had heard about the doughnuts and my boyfriend had
specially pre-ordered some for me on this Saturday to make sure I
would be able to eat them for dessert. As I sat outside, drinking
coffee and devouring the chocolate glazed, and then the raspberry
filled powered doughnut, my boyfriend surprised me once more, got down
on one knee, and proposed!!

I was so completely happy and thrilled your bakery became a key
element in our engagement.

We have promised to come back each year on the anniversary of this
engagement (which also happens to be close to my birthday) to eat GF
doughnuts and remember what an amazing proposal this became.

Thank you so much for being a part of my GF life in NYC.

I'll be forever grateful.

Rachel Friedman

We are so excited for you guys!! Congratulations! Oh, and I totally expect the first child to be called BabyCakes, ok?



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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Memorial Dinner for David Marc Fischer (Gluten-Free NYC)
At the beginning of August, we lost a very important part of our Celiac Community. David Marc Fischer, author of Gluten-Free NYC and active member of The New York City Celiac Disease Meetup Group since 2004 (DavidF on our message boards), passed away from a very sudden and aggressive form of leukemia. David will be greatly missed, and remembered for his friendliness, intelligence, and sincere contributions to the celiac community.

We would like to honor David with a memorial dinner at one of David’s favorite GFRAP restaurants, Lilli & Loo. For those of you that were friends with David, you will remember that David was a big supporter of GFRAP and usually only dined at a restaurant in their program to ensure a safe, gluten-free meal. You can see two of his Lilli and Loo blog postings here:

Please note, although this is a meetup dinner we are gathering to remember David as his friends, fans, and family. There will be an opportunity for you all to share thoughts about David during the meal as well as make a donation in his honor to the Celiac Disease Center. I am also collecting blog postings, quotes, and general comments about David Marc Fischer to be shared on the night of the memorial dinner. If you have anything you would like added to this collection, please email me directly. Please RSVP here:

For those of you who cannot make the dinner, you can donate online in David’s honor at
Use the "Select a School or Division" drop down box, and select Celiac Disease Center. You will be able to specify on the next page that the gift is in memory of David Marc Fischer, and a note will be sent to the family.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Two Hotels in Ireland That Treat Gluten-Free Guests Like Royalty
Are you planning a trip to Ireland any time soon? If so, please check out the featured review this week on the Gluten-Free Travel Site. A family friend has been doing a lot of traveling both pre- and post-Celiac diagnose so her insight about places to stay and dine are very thorough and insightful. Her reviews are specifically about the Killarney Avenue Hotel and the Mespil Hotel in Dublin.

Featured Review: September 2009

Two Hotels in Ireland That Treat Gluten-Free Guests Like Royalty

Celiac Friendly Hotels in Ireland – On vacation, we stayed in five hotels in Ireland during April 2009. Trafalgar booked them all as part of our tour. About 3 weeks before departure, when I received our trip package, I emailed each hotel informing them of the dates I would be their guest and of my dietary needs. I asked for acknowledgements in response to my email to assure safe eating at least at breakfast each day. Two of the hotels deserve special recognition for their professionalism and attentiveness to my diet requirements, not restricted to Celiac Gluten-Free.

Killarney Avenue Hotel

Location: Kenmare Place (in town centre facing the Golden Gate entrance to Killarneys National Park), Killarney County, Kerry, IRELAND
Phone: Tel: +353 (0) 64 21100
Reserva: +353 (0) 64 21111
FAX:+ 353 (0) 64 31755
Trip Type: Group tour of Ireland with Trafalgar Tours
Travel Dates: April 2009
Review Posted: August 2009

KILLARNEY AVENUE HOTEL in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland – The tour included breakfast and dinner in this hotel. For both meals, Restaurant Manager Norman reserved a separate table for me and my husband, at Chef Khairul’s request. The chef came to meet us, saying he was responsible for us and wanted to ensure the best for our dining experience. He and his staff took every precaution to avert cross-contamination. Both meals were delightfully varied, fully flavorful, served attractively and in complete compliance with safe gluten-free requirements. We were told they hosted 35 Celiacs (Coeliacs) not long ago so all staff members were aware of Coeliac and safe food handling and the consequences if not followed carefully. I soon knew I was in a truly “safe” environment for my food concerns.

The Killarney Avenue Hotel was a true joy, not having to question every ingredient or method each step of the way. Every staff member exhibited understanding and courteous compliance in a friendly, professional manner. During our dining visits, the manager came several times to our table to assure that all things were well and the chef came to our table to discuss how he prepared for my arrival. They made me feel completely at home away from home. In addition, I let them know what a superb job they do.

Upon arrival at Killarney Avenue Hotel, I was handed a list of what I could safely eat. Items which were either on the menu or would be prepared for me while I was their guest. They were terrific in every aspect. They fully addressed every one of my diet concerns, the first time, every time we dined with them.

Around the corner from the Killarney Avenue Hotel was Murphy's, a safe, fresh ice cream shop to indulge in unusual and regular flavors as a Celiac. Yummy!

One other hotel we stayed at on our tour also deserves special recognition for their professionalism and attentiveness to my diet requirements, and that was the Mespil Hotel in Dublin County, Dublin, Ireland.

Mespil Hotel

Location: Baggot Street Bridge on Mespil Road, Dublin 4, in County Dublin, IRELAND
Phone: Tel: +353 1 488 4600
FAX:+ 353 1 667 1244
Trip Type: Group tour of Ireland with Trafalgar Tours
Travel Dates: April 2009
Review Posted: August 2009

MESPIL HOTEL is centrally located in Ballsbridge within Georgian Dublin, an elegant and stylish part of Dublin city centre and just 15 minutes' walk from St. Stephens Green. When I entered the restaurant for breakfast, the manager paging “the gluten-free guest” greeted me. He had prepared fresh containers of cereal, a sweetener, and bread - each labeled with my name – as well as a new cold carton of soymilk. All were gluten-free. I combined these items with preserves, fresh fruits and coffee for a first class breakfast and a great start for touring Dublin and Ireland.

A few other venues of note:

Across from Kilkenny Castle was a tasty luncheon room located on the second floor above the gift shop that overlooks the castle courtyard. Their soups were all gluten-free, made fresh daily and most tasty. They offered fresh gluten-free muffins and huge brownies that would satisfy a giant’s sweet tooth. Their salads and soups were robust. They understood Coeliac (celiac), gluten-free dining was quick, and easy which was such a delight. This lunch place was at our leisure and one we were happy to find suiting my gluten-free diet quite nicely.

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant, 30-32 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, Ireland, is a classic bar and restaurant situated close to Dublin’s Phoenix Park, the National Museum at Collins Barracks, and a short stroll from Heuston train station. Telephone +353 1 677 0149 and Fax +353 1 677 0187.

This was a nice find. They seated 50 people upstairs promptly. Our Trafalgar tour manager Bernard Creegan was terrific at making things happen and appearing to be effortless. This was our last dinner in Ireland for our group. Nancy Hands’ Dominic took care of our traveling group and was most helpful in every way as the menu planned for the group was not gluten-free. Dominic accommodated my celiac diet most happily. The full meal was hot, tasty and most pleasant. How nice to dine with so many and not be singled out because of a special diet. Touring the bar alone is worth the trip. I was served in a timely manner and my dishes were flavorful.

**Note: When planning a trip outside the U.S., I email each place we will be staying, informing them of the dates I will be their guest. Along with my dietary needs, I also email examples of what I can eat in my emails, not only what I cannot eat. I ask for their email acknowledgements in response to assure safe eating at least at breakfast each day. I make sure to have replies from each before leaving on my trip. Dinner usually works the same way. Upon arrival at each place, I also remind them of whom I contacted in advance and again give my diet cards prior to meal times to the head chef, maitre d', and whomever I discuss my food selections. I usually don't have to ask the tour guide to contact the next hotel on departure morning to verify that gluten free needs are on order but I do confirm every day they did this reminder for me.

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