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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Another Reason to Love BabyCakes NYC
As you know, BabyCakes NYC is one of the most popular (if only) bakery with gluten-free goodies in NYC. I have blogged about BabyCakes many times, usually around my birthday when I am indulging in their cupcakes. Today I have some good news to share with everyone thanks to BabyCakes. My friend Rachel got engaged last week and BabyCakes helped make her proposal special... and gluten-free! BabyCakes now has gluten-free donuts and they Rachel's boyfriend surprised her with more than donuts. Here's their blog posting:


By Erin McKenna on September 11, 2009 12:40 PM

If you've been to the bakery on the weekend, you've seen how packed out it gets in here. We're so busy that every limb is in use (one hand to frost, one to mix batter, a foot to clean the floor, the other foot scratching records). Needless to say, we aren't able to take orders or set anything aside for anyone--not even Madonna.

A couple weeks ago, however, one of the counter girls took a call from a panicked boyfriend. He wanted to make his girlfriend's birthday extra special with some fresh donuts to follow dinner. Girlfriend was a celiac who had never tasted a donut in her life and he wanted to give her an experience she would never forget. I think that day we were all pissed at our boyfriends or something because we all got teary about it and I quickly waved our normal policy and had the girls pack a perfect box of donuts for him to pick up.

A couple days ago, we received this very exciting email:


I have to say a million thank-yous to the chefs/bakers who created the
Gluten-Free doughnuts, as it made my evening on Saturday, August 29th
so very special. I had heard about the doughnuts and my boyfriend had
specially pre-ordered some for me on this Saturday to make sure I
would be able to eat them for dessert. As I sat outside, drinking
coffee and devouring the chocolate glazed, and then the raspberry
filled powered doughnut, my boyfriend surprised me once more, got down
on one knee, and proposed!!

I was so completely happy and thrilled your bakery became a key
element in our engagement.

We have promised to come back each year on the anniversary of this
engagement (which also happens to be close to my birthday) to eat GF
doughnuts and remember what an amazing proposal this became.

Thank you so much for being a part of my GF life in NYC.

I'll be forever grateful.

Rachel Friedman

We are so excited for you guys!! Congratulations! Oh, and I totally expect the first child to be called BabyCakes, ok?



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

2) That's an engaging GF story if we ever heard one. Thanks for sharing, Rachel.
3) All the best to each involved. Way to go, beau! That was so touchingly considerate of you.

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