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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Über Trapeze with Larabar
As a gluten-free blogger living in New York City, I am very lucky to get invitations to some amazing events. Over the past five and a half years of blogging, I have attended book launch parties, private dinners, and event black-tie galas all promoting Celiac awareness and supporting the gluten-free lifestyle. I am beyond flattered every time I get one of these invitations and feel like my hard work both on this blog and with leading the NYC Celiac Meetup group are not going unnoticed. I really do appreciate attending these events and only wish I could blog as fast as I attend sometimes.

It is hard to pick a favorite, but I honestly think this past Friday was my favorite gluten-free event EVER! I was invited to attend a class at the Trapeze School of New York at the South Street Seaport courtesy of LÄRABAR. I felt like my passions were coming together and my gluten-free stars were aligning when this invitation popped into my inbox. I first fell in love with trapeze at Club Med Turkoise in 2010. My coworkers then bought me a gift certificate for one free class at the Trapeze School of NY. Once again I was hooked and loving life, this time high above the streets of NYC. I took a few more classes and then busy life just took over and I hadn't gone in almost a year. Fast forward to this September, when I get this invitation from Larabar. Not only was I invited to take this trapeze class, but I was invited to meet THE Lara! Lara Merriken is the founder of LÄRABAR and she would be at the class as well. I nearly jumped out of my office chair with giddiness when I responded to this email to say YES YES YES I would be there.

My favorite!
Larabar was holding this trapeze event to celebrate their new Über bars. These bars are gluten-free, come in four flavors, and are just around 200 calories each. I've always been a big fan of LÄRABAR and I am excited to now at the Über bars to the mix. I seriously have a bar in my bag at all times and it has definitely gotten me out of some hunger jams over the years.

I was thrilled to meet Lara and talk to her about her company and philosophy behind making her bars. It is obvious that she is really passionate about making healthy snacks for people on the go. As we were munching on the Über bars between flying sessions, the event just made sense to me. There were 12 busy New York women from all different backgrounds: nutritionists, Fitness magazine editors, bloggers, and journalists, who are all constantly on the go. Über bars were a perfect match for our on-the-go personalities.

Overall it was an awesome, adrenaline-filled afternoon. The only way to really share this event with you is through pictures and video. Although I didn't catch my straddle whip, I accomplished three knee hangs with a somersault dismount and the straddle whip while meeting some really amazing women. I am definitely going back to TSNY in the spring when the outdoor rigs reopen. Here are some awesome pictures from the day:

TSNY trapeze rig at the South Street Seaport

Me with Lara Merriken, the founder of LARABAR

That's me!!
Lots of LARABAR swag including stickers, t-shirts, and the new Uber bars

Getting ready for my next trick

The amazing sunset at the Seaport after our class

As their new t-shirts say, Über is defined as "super duper, wicked awesome, seriously epic." I think trapeze classes at the Seaport fits that bill. With lots of free samples of Über bars, lots of LÄRABAR swag, and oh yeah... did I mention trapeze???, it certainly was an Über day.

Thank you so much to LÄRABAR and the amazing Lara Merriken for holding such a wonderful event and inviting me!

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Blogger ackdavis said...

What a neat experience. Meeting Lara too. Have to wait for those GF Uber Larabars to come to our town. I travel with them and always keep a bar with me. One never knows when the GF nutritious munchie is going to provide just the left I need to keep going throughout the day.

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