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Friday, October 4, 2013
Gluten-Free Skit is Just Wrong on Conan O'Brien Show
I don't normally like to post things like this because I want to let them just roll of my back, but I felt like I needed to set a few things straight.

Last night, a member of "Team Coco" sent me a link to a "comedy" bit on the Conan O'Brien show. I use quotes around the word comedy because not only did I find this clip stupid, but I also found it just wrong and confusing. Comedienne Erin Foley was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant and she starts listing all of the things she cannot eat. It is sad that Erin feels so limited but this is often the case with people that are first diagnosed. This kind of "comedy" is confusing to those who are newly diagnosed and I would like to set the information straight. Here are the things Erin says she cannot eat, followed by just a small sample of companies that DO create gluten-free versions of those products

Beer: New Planet, Redbridge, Bard's Tale, New Grist, Celiac, Green's, St Peter's
Bread: Udi's, Rudi's, Schar, Ener-G, Whole Foods, Free Bread, Food for Life, Kinnikinnick, Glutino
Crackers: Glutino, Mary's Gone Crackers, Schar, Orgran, Nut Thins, Crunchmaster, Edward & Sons
Cookies: Udi's, Pamela's, Mary's, Schar, K-Toos, Glutino, MiDel
Chips: Utz, Boulder Canyon, Flamous, Food Should Taste Good, Lundberg, Kettle Brand
Pizza: Amy's J.D.'s Best, Udi's, Schar, Rustic Crust, Bob's Red Mill, BOLD
Pasta: DeBoles, Barilla, Trader Joe's, Ener-G, Lundberg, Schar, Mrs. Leepers
Pancakes: GF Bisquick, King Arthur, Arrowhead Mills, Gluten-Free Pantry, Pamela's, Cherrybrook Kitchen
Communion Wafers: Celebrate Communion, Ener-G

The ONLY product I agree with Erin on is croissants. I have not come across any gluten-free croissants in this country yet. I know that Schar sells them in Europe, but they aren't here yet. Ok Erin, I will give you that one.

Erin did make a list of the things she can eat but didn't get it quite right:
Garfaza (Um, WHAT??? I think she meant garbanzo or garfava)
Teft (It's TEFF, not teft)

Erin gave a discouraging shout-out to Living Without magazine stating that it comes with a razor blade. Depression is very real for many people living with Celiac and gluten intolerance. Is a joke alluding to suicide funny? NO! Be a little more sensitive Erin.

I understand Erin is probably in her bitter, sad-to-be-diagnosed phase of her gluten intolerance as well as just trying to make it in Hollywood but "comedy" skits like this are just a disservice to our gluten-free community, not funny, and hurt our reputation for being taken seriously. Good luck with that comedy career, Erin, but try using some different matter in your attempt to be funny.

What do you think? 

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Blogger thena3 said...

i thought it was pretty funny (and i'm gf as well) says what a lot of us think.

Blogger Katie said...

We are fairly new to GF and see new items at the store on a weekly basis. This week it is Ronzoni pasta. Add to your list: Fritos, Lays chips, Tostitos, Betty Crocker mixes, Pillsbury now has refrigerated pizza dough, pie crust, and cookie dough. Perdue has GF breaded chicken. So companies that have previously been gluten only are now recognizing the market for GF replacements.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our family has been gluten free for four years after the diagnosis of Celiac in my oldest son. I can truthfully say that I do not miss anything. I bake my own cookies, bread, etc. I know that my family is eating healthier and we are all 5 extremely happy. I guess that does not make good comedy though! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was comedy! And I didn't get the impression that Erin is bitter. Quite the opposite she was very funny. Maybe you should follow her example and take life a little bit easier and see the bright side of life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like your commentary seems a little heavy handed. She is a comedienne... who is telling JOKES. If you have ever listened or enjoyed a comic, you will probably note that while much of what he/she makes fun of is based in truth, it is usually greatly exaggerated for effect. She wasn't mocking people who are gluten free - it wasn't mean spirited, she was just putting it out there how it feels sometimes. It's actually funny!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's called comedy. Many humans enjoy it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess ur next skit should be asking the preacher what brand his communion wafer's are,and if you could see the ingredient list from the package it came in. lol. I can't have gluten free beer either!!!I love you and the skit!!Don't swet the ignorance of Hater's!!

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