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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Starbucks Listens to Gluten-Free Customers
A few months ago various bloggers urged you to go to and tell them you were interested in gluten-free products. Well, you spoke and they listened. Starbucks said "it wanted to offer its gluten-free customers more choices." According to Forbes/AP, starting on May 5th, Starbucks will start selling a 100% gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.

As some of you know, Starbucks in NYC tried selling gluten-free items but there were a number of issues regarding cross-contamination. The new gluten-free cake at Starbucks will be individually wrapped which will help eliminate the issue of cross-contamination.

Starting May 5th, you can now enjoyed a 100% gluten-free, individually-wrapped Valencia Orange Cake for $2.25 right along side your double shot venti!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!!! I hope they have this at the airport shops also as this will make early morning departures so much more bearable! Thank you to everyone that helped with writing letters for this.

Blogger NFCA said...

This is another great sign of change in the gluten-free world. When big companies like this offer gf foods shows the word is getting out. The NFCA has started a blog to keep up with new and great gluten-free products like this When this product becomes available we will be there to review it.

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