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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Gluten-Free Cupcakes to Go in NYC
Cupcakes are all the rage in NYC, but there are limited gluten-free options. Babycakes is one of the better known gluten-free cupcake bakeries and my birthday favorite. A few months ago a cupcake truck started appearing on the streets of NYC. The lines for the Cupcake Stop truck showed that cupcakes are extremely popular and in high demand. My coworker, a former baker, said it was too bad that I couldn’t jump on the cupcake bandwagon like everyone else since the truck didn’t sell gluten-free cupcakes. I agreed that this was disappointing.

Last week, I heard a rumor that there were gluten-free cupcakes now available but today it was confirmed. Every Tuesday the Cupcake Stop will sell gluten-free cupcakes made by Everybody Eats, a 100% gluten-free facility in Brooklyn. This is awesome news for the gluten-free community in New York City. It may be trendy, but again this is a trend I welcome. It will be nice to be able to stop by and get cupcakes to go that are safe for me to eat.

Here is the email I got today from Everybody Eats.

Cupcake Stop

Did you know there is a cupcake craze sweeping the country? Here in New York City there are lines every day and at almost every hour in front of several bakeries who specialize in them. is a company which puts a truck selling cupcakes in the busiest business neighborhoods of Manhattan. Flocks of office workers stop for a cupcake treat on the way back from their lunch hours.

Everybody Eats is proud to announce that on Tuesdays only for now, will be selling Everybody Eats' gluten free cupcakes from their truck. We're starting with very standard yellow cake topped with vanilla and chocolate frosting, and we're hoping to move into more exotic "designer cupcakes" such as chocolate mocha, piña colada (pineapple-coconut), and creamsicle (orange and vanilla).

If you live in NYC, you can access and find which cupcakes are being offered that day and where the truck will be.

You can also follow Cupcake Stop on Twitter to find out their daily location:

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Blogger Pam said...

I LOVE GF cupcakes!

Anonymous Mercedes said...

If only we could get that in Denver! I'm so jealous. Since Starbuck's canceled their GF cake I have to rely on Betty Crocker or Pamela's mixes.

Anonymous Myra said...

I happened upon the truck today, and noticed they had 3 different gluten-free flavors and cost $3.25 each. They also had a sign posted that listed all the ingredients in the gf cupcakes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cupcake Stop no longer has gluten free cupcakes! Truck guy was super nasty about it.

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