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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
A4A10 Gluten-Free Fun Vendy Awards
There were so many awesome gluten-free vendors and restaurants at the Appetite for Awareness event this past weekend, that I decided to give out my very first Gluten-Free Fun Vendy Awards. Congratulations to all of the winners!

A4A10 Gluten-Free Fun Vendy Awards: Part 1

Best Restaurant Plate
Braised veal cheek with marsala wine, caramelized Vidalia onion, and pancetta from Butcher & Singer
I don't usually eat veal, but this was delicious. Chef Anthony says "Veal cheeks are a great item to use in a braised dish because of their great flavor and texture. It is a cut of meat that rarely dries out. Most braised meats at some point begin to shred apart and become dry if they are cooked too long. As will cheeks, but because of the higher amount of gelatin that it naturally has it is able to maintain great texture and stay moist for a longer period of time."

Chef Anthony Goodwin attended the Philadelphia Restaurant School, where he learned the importance of proper technique and execution. Shortly after graduating, he worked as a line cook at Chef Georges Perrier’s Brasserie Perrier, and was quickly promoted to sous chef and, subsequently, executive sous chef. After almost 5 years, Goodwin desired a change and moved to the modern Italian restaurant, Avenue B, and later served as chef de cuisine at Bliss for 5 years. During his tenure, Bliss was named “Best New Restaurant of 2004” by Esquire magazine. In 2008, Goodwin joined Starr Restaurants’ Pod and in April 2010 became the executive chef of Butcher and Singer, another Starr Restaurant. Recently, Philadelphia magazine awarded Butcher and Singer the title of “Best Steakhouse of 2010.”


Best Palette Cleanser
Mojito Sorbet from Pure Gourmet
After so many plates from the Philadelphia chefs, this sorbet was a really refreshing flavor. I hope Pure Gourmet starts distribution in New York City soon.

Pure Gourmet Sorbets are bold and intense frozen specialty desserts created by international food icon, Chef Georges Perrier for the patrons of his world-famous restaurant, Le Bec Fin.

Pure Gourmet Sorbet

Biggest and Best Gluten-Free Product Line
I have already blogged about my love of all Schär products. I seriously never had a Schär product that I didn't like. The table was hosted by Anne Lee, Schär's Director of Nutritional Services, who is always friendly and knowledgeable.


Most "Normal" Display of The Day
Dietz & Watson/The Grainless Baker Hoagie Station
Call them hoagies, subs, grinders, sandwiches, or whatever else you want but just look at this spread!!! These sandwiches were on The Grainless Baker hoagie rolls and were stacked with Dietz & Watson cold cuts and condiments. This looks like your every day catering plate except there is one big difference, it is all gluten-free! I took one for the road and ate it while stuck in traffic. So delicious and so "normal" looking. Even your most gluten-eating friends would have enjoyed these sandwiches.

Gluten-Free Hoagies

Best Way to Wash Down the Samples
Bard's Beer
A favorite of mine. I am excited about increased distribution to bars and restaurants in New York City. Bard's is a gluten-free, American Lager made from sorghum, yeast, hops and water—contains no wheat, barley, rye or oats and is naturally gluten-free. The taste is rich and refreshing.

Bard's Beer

Stay tuned for more Gluten-Free Fun Vendy Awards tomorrow!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope and pray dietz and watson and grainless baker create a platter to be offered at wallbaums. my dreams.

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