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Thursday, June 30, 2011
Gluten-Free Fun Social Media Day
Today is Social Media Day. According to Mashable, Social Media Day is a "day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social."

In honor of Social Media Day, I would like to share my social media links with you all. If you aren't already following me on these sites, sign up today in honor of SMD!

Gluten-Free Fun:
Twitter: @gfreefun

Gluten-Free Globetrotter:

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Guy Fieri Launches New Line of Gluten-Free BBQ Sauces and Salsas
Just in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend, Guy Fieri has launched a new line of gluten-free BBQ sauces and salsas. Although I was sent samples, I haven't had time to try these out yet since I just moved. I hope to go to some BBQs in the next few weeks to try out these delicious-looking sauces. Check out the press release about the new products.

(BOARDMAN, OHIO) June 1, 2011 – Chef Guy Fieri, star of Food Network shows “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and “Guy’s Big Bite,” has introduced his first-ever line of three gluten-free barbeque sauces – along with a line of new gluten-free salsas. From Bourbon Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce to 7 Pepper Salsa, the chef, restaurateur and bestselling author is bringing his rockin’ flavors to thousands of supermarkets across
America, as well as serving them up in his restaurants Johnny Garlic’s California Pasta Grill and Tex Wasabi’s Rock-n-Roll Sushi BBQ.

The three gluten-free Guy Fieri barbeque sauces contain no fat, cholesterol or high fructose corn syrup. “I’ve eaten barbeque all over the country, so when I developed these sauces, I drew inspiration from coast to coast,” says Fieri, the barbeque enthusiast and author of the new book, New York Times best-seller Guy Fieri Food. “These sauces add big, off da hook flavor, whether you’re craving a smoky, sweet, or tangy twist.”

Among the new Guy Fieri barbeque sauces:

  • Bourbon Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce: Sweet & Sticky – Guy’s sweet, sticky Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce rocks on just about anything. Smoky bourbon, sweet brown sugar and a hint of spicy black pepper create off-the-hook flavor that’s a perfect compliment to everything from beef to chicken, pork and seafood. Gluten free.
  • Carolina #6 Barbeque Sauce & Marinade: Mop & Slop – Guy’s Carolina #6 BBQ Sauce & Marinade is the perfectly tangy and versatile “mop & slop” sauce. Apple cider vinegar, sweet brown sugar and a little bit of cayenne pepper heat is a rockin’ combination to be slopped right on pulled pork or used as a marinade or baste for any grilled meat. Gluten free.
  • Kansas City Barbeque Sauce: Smoky & Sweet – Guy’s Kansas City BBQ Sauce is your traditional, go-to sauce that you’ll dig on just about everything. Sweet, smoky molasses, a hint of apple cider vinegar and a little black pepper heat will rock everything from beef brisket to chicken wings or anything else you can throw on a grill. Gluten free.

Note: Guy Fieri has also introduced a new Pacific Rim Barbeque & Wok Sauce which is not gluten-free.

As a big-time chile pepper fan, Fieri has also created four varieties of salsa in his signature style. All of them are gluten-free:

  • 7 Pepper Salsa: Burn Baby Burn – Guy’s 7 Pepper Salsa is rockin’ big pepper flavor from red bell to habanero and finishes it all off with a balance of tomato, lime, garlic and cilantro. Hot
  • Chipotle Salsa: Da $pice Is Right – Guy’s Chipotle Salsa is full of smoky chipotle and the super salsa flavors of tomato, garlic, lime and a touch of jalapeño pepper! Medium
  • Original Salsa: Old Skool – Guy’s original salsa is his go-to signature salsa, full of big tomato flavor, cilantro and zesty lime with a touch of hot pasilla pepper… it’s off da hook! Medium 
  • Salsa Verde: Green & Mean – Guy’s Salsa Verde is servin’ up fire roasted poblano and green peppers and backin’ it up with zesty lime and pinch of cumin, this salsa is so “money” it’s green! Mild

Guy Fieri three gluten-free barbeque sauces are available in 19-ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $4.29. Fieri’s salsas are available in 16-ounce jars for a suggested retail price of $4.79.

Gia Brands, Inc., a consumer packaged goods brand management firm, licenses, creates, markets and distributes products like Guy Fieri's barbeque sauce and salsa lines. Located in Boardman, Ohio, the company is comprised of Summer Garden Food Manufacturing, one of the first Silver LEED Certified manufacturing facilities in North America, Zidian Specialty Foods, the regional specialty food distribution company, and GBI, the national sales and marketing company.

Known for his boldly flavorful food and even bolder personality, Guy Fieri is one of the biggest stars on the Food Network, where his shows include Guy’s Big Bite, Tailgate Warriors, and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. He is also host of NBC's hit game show Minute to Win It and the co-owner of West Coast restaurants Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi’s. He is the author of three New York Times best-selling books Guy Fieri Food, as well as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and its sequel More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

In 2010, Guy officially launched CWK (Cooking with Kids;, a program that  encourages kids to get involved in the kitchen. Guy lives in Northern California with his wife, Lori, and their sons, Hunter and Ryder. For more information about Guy, visit

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Welcome to the Kicking4Celiac Board

I am very excited to announce that I am now on the board of the non-profit organization, Kicking4Celiac. Founded in 2011 by Craig Pinto, the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to reach out to people affected by Celiac Disease. In doing so, we look to spread positivity, education, and awareness however and wherever we can. The Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation works tirelessly to raise funds through various charitable events, and is excited to continuously work to help improve the lives of those who are affected by this auto-immune disorder. The Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation also offers a scholarship program to college students affected with the Disease, to help off-set costs and expenses of requiring a gluten-free diet. This scholarship program will begin in 2012 and will be offered to well deserving, graduating high school seniors.

I was first "virtually introduced" to Craig last fall when he was kicking his way into the Guinness Book of World Records for kicking 717 field goals in 12 hours for charity. We emailed for over a month and then finally met in person at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia Gala dinner in October. Craig is quiet and modest but extremely passionate about spreading awareness and raising money for Celiac Disease.

Kicking4Celiac Board Member Sue of GlutenFreeLI, founder Craig Pinto, and Me

As time went by, Craig's foundation began to take roots and grow. He hosted more fundraisers and started doing some really awesome speaking engagements, such as The Believe Symposium on Long Island. The foundation finally became a recognized non-profit organization early this year. I am excited to be a part of this organization especially since I share Craig's passionate for educating people about Celiac Disease and encouraging people to live and thrive with Celiac. As a Guinness Book of World Records record holder, Craig has clearly not let Celiac Disease stop him from doing anything!

On September 29, 2011, Kicking4Celiac its first Golf and Tennis Tournament to benefit the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia. You can learn how to get involved by clicking here.

Thank you Craig for all you have done and continue to do for the Celiac Community.

Click here to donate today! Your donation to the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation will help help us to develop our mission, which is to raise awareness and education for Celiac Disease, as well as provide various students with scholarships. Funds raised will also continuously help us to develop events that will bring the Celiac Disease community together and provide an outlet for support. We thank you for your support and will continue to work as best we can to serve the Celiac Disease community.

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Monday, June 27, 2011
Mold, Interrupted: My "Celiac" Diagnosis
As some of you might have noticed, my blogging hasn't been as frequent as it usually is. This is because I've been sick literally since for 4 and 1/2 months. It all started with a round of bronchitis towards the end of February with about one week of reprieve only to get sick again... and again... and again. I was having really bad asthma issues and felt like I was constantly gasping for air. I've grown up with asthma so I know how my body feels when I am wheezing or have bronchitis, but this was different. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest 24/7. My nose was bleeding, my lungs were hurting, and my body was aching. I was just a mess.

First, I went to my doctor and was treated for bronchitis. I was back two weeks later and was treated for allergies. I went back again and was given another round of allergy meds and still had no relief so I was sent to a pulmonologist. When I made this appointment, I started freaking out. By now it was the end of March and I was scheduled to go to Prague in 2 1/2 weeks. The lung doctor scheduled me for a breathing test and my first round of lung x-rays. He also prescribed me with some heavy medications including a COPD-inhaler, a nasal inhaler, and another round of antibiotics. The breathing test and lung x-rays came back all clear. Another week and a half went by and I went back to the pulmonologist in tears asking for some relief. He put me on even more inhalers, allergy medications, and acid reflux medications and said "Take it easy in the Czech Republic." Ok, easier said than done.

At this point, I was beyond frustrated, upset, and just so confused why I couldn't get better or get a clear diagnosis. I was told I had bronchitis, allergies, pneumonia, acid reflux, and anxiety. I had absolutely no voice because the inhalers were making me hoarser than I had ever been in my life. It wasn’t sexy hoarse, it was 2-pack-a-day smokers hoarse. I couldn't work out, couldn't sleep, and was crying all the time because I just felt so sick and had no answers. I was about to get on a plane to Eastern Europe by myself and I was afraid I was going to wind up in a Czech hospital. Needless to say, I was scared.

I got to Prague and strangely I started feeling better for the first time in months. By the third day, my wheezing was subsiding and I wasn't gasping for air on an hourly basis. I was going over and over in my head about what it could be. Was it the stress of life in New York City that was making me sick? Was it something I was eating at home? Was it the construction in my apartment building??

Wait, what? Rewind. Construction started in January. I got sick in February. My landlord flooded my kitchen and bathroom in mid-February because he was too cheap to hire a plumber and he is dumber than dirt. Then, I came home to my entire apartment covered INSIDE with soot from construction at the end of February and again in March... it was starting to come together, my apartment was making me sick!

Another week in Prague and I took myself off one of the three inhalers I was on because it was irritating my throat that badly. I got home from Prague on a Thursday, had another bloody nose and pseudo-asthma attack on Friday morning, and made an emergency appointment with an allergist on Monday.

When I walked into the allergist office on April 25th he wouldn't let me talk to him for more than five minutes because I was wheezing so badly. He said "You are in distress!" I said "YES" and he hooked me up to a nebulizer for my first asthma treatment in over a year. For me, this is the only way I get instant relief. In the 15+ years I've had asthma, this was less than my tenth time of having an inhaled treatment. As my heart rate went up and my breathing started getting clearer, I asked him what was going on. He said we will find out and he gave me another 3 medications and a new inhaler. He told me that my hoarseness was from the larger particles of the inhalers and he freaked me out by asking me why I had taken all of the medicines I did to date. I said "I need to feel better and nothing was helping." I left with another script for lung x-rays (my 2nd round) and hope that the treatment would do the job. It didn't. I was back in the office for another emergency visit that Thursday and he said "one more visit and you are going to the hospital." Again, I left the doctor’s office in tears.

At the 2nd allergist visit, he did a skin test for everything under the sun. Guess what? I am allergic to everything! If you have ever had the skin test you know it is miserable. They are pricking you with allergens to see how you react and you cannot scratch anything. My skin was swelling up immediately. I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand so hard to avoid scratching that I wound up making my palms bleed. I noticed one section of my arm was swelling over my watch band. Another part on the inside of my elbow was a hive bigger than my elbow itself. This was serious.

The doctor came in and was surprised, telling me I was highly allergic. DUH! He also took out his smartphone and started documenting my skin reactions with his camera. He said that he hadn't seen anything like this before, especially with the molds.


I stopped him right there and started telling him about all of the construction going on in my building and the suspicious spots I saw under the sink. He said my building probably had black mold somewhere and this might be what is causing all of my problems. He wrote up scripts for extensive blood work including testing for mold. He then slathered me up with some mega cortisone lotion, gave me predinose for the muscle pulls in my chest from the wheezing and coughing, gave me even more inhalers and pills, and sent me on my way.

I went for blood work 5 days later and almost passed out from the number of vials they took from me. When I asked the woman what she was testing for, she said EVERYTHING! I would need to wait one more week to get my results so I left and made plans to not be in my apartment for the weekend.

A week later, I got my results. I was "off the charts" with extremely toxic levels of mold in my blood stream. I asked the doctor how this could happen and he said "You are living in a very toxic environment. If you weren't exposed to mold on a daily basis, your levels would be at zero." I lost it at the doctor's office. This was the first time someone was telling me to my face that my home of six years was making me sick. On the flip side, I was somewhat relieved to learn what was causing my illness. I asked the doctor what my next steps are and he said "Get your landlord to fix the problem or MOVE!"

I left the office feeling completely defeated. I love(d) my apartment. It was the first place I moved to on my own and I had made it my home over the past six years. I had to come to terms with the past four months being hell because of my home. I cried the whole way back to work and then it hit me.


I was diagnosed in 1981 with Celiac Disease. I was just shy of turning three years old and I remember none of this tumultuous time in my life. I was just too young and it is probably for the best that I cannot remember anything. My parents went from doctor to doctor for six months before anyone even hinted at Celiac. I know this is a short diagnosis as compared to the average diagnosis of 11 years, but when you have a small child it can seem like an eternity.

Here I am at 33, going to five different doctors, being on a whopping 14 different medications, getting x-rays twice, getting a breathing test, but all to no avail. As a blogger and the leader of the NYC Celiac Meetup group, I know all too well the hell you can go through to have someone diagnosis you with Celiac Disease. Well, I honestly felt like my life since February was hell and was all too similar to friends of mine that were looking for a Celiac diagnosis for months and even years. No doctors had answers for me and I was still sick. The similarities of my mold story to many of the Celiac stories were crazy and now I could relate to what friends went through to get a diagnosis.

Once I was told that I had toxic mold in my system, I had to come to terms with moving. I spoke to my landlord and he turned into a monster. He said I was a liar, I was crazy, and there was no mold in the building. When I showed him three obvious places, he said it was water damage. I don't know about you, but to me where there is water damage there is mold. I spoke to him once, twice, and a then a final third time. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would fix it. I caught him in lies and I was told the construction was to resolve the leaks from the brickwork outside the building. (Another clue that there was water issues with the building.) After three conversations, I finally called the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development to file a formal complaint. Interestingly, the landlord hired his friend before the complaint was issued to do an air quality test in my apartment. This was another lie I caught him in, but I won't even go there. But the air quality test didn't prove anything, nor would he give me a copy of this test. Something was fishy!

After almost 3 weeks and one failed attempt to inspect my unit (turns out the landlord denied them access for the first inspection!), the HPD inspector came to my apartment. The inspection was horrible. The landlord's father followed me and the inspector around the entire time. He kept telling me over and over that I was a liar and I should just move out. They left, I cried, the landlord showed up and started screaming at me again, and then I went to work. Another day of tears and wheezing.

By this time, I had already started the painful process of searching for another apartment in my neighborhood. I knew I wanted something close to the train, big enough for my stuff, bright, and most importantly mold-free. My arduous apartment search is a whole story in itself but let’s just say Astoria brokers suck and people live like pigs in my area. After meeting more than 20 brokers and seeing more than 40 apartments, I finally found one that was well-maintained and clean. I started the paperwork, handed over way too much money (broker fees in NYC are outrageous), and began packing up six years worth of stuff.

One week before my move, I found that the city inspector ruled in my favor that there was mold in my unit! This was a personal triumph. Even though there is a documented report of the mold and two additional violations were issued for my unit, the landlord denies there is a problem. WTF? Moving day was bittersweet because I really did love that apartment. With the landlord standing in my doorway while the hourly-paid movers are trying to get out made me realize it was beyond time for me to go. He had ample opportunity to fix the problem and he did not. I am not sad that I will never have to deal with that a$$hole again.

I have now been in my new building for 8 days. I’m not feeling physically better yet, but the allergist told me it will take time to heal and rid my body of the toxins. It is hard to say whether or not I will have any residual health problems due to the black mold, so only time will tell. The numbness in my feet has sort of subsided but the wheezing has not. I do feel better mentally, although I have one more encounter with the old landlord tonight to return my keys. I’m bringing someone with me in order to hopefully avoid confrontation.

As with a diagnosis of Celiac, I must accept that I will not heal overnight. I need to give my body time to heal and try to do things that will make me healthier. As soon as I can breathe unassisted (no daily inhalers) I am going back to the gym and getting back on my bike. By this time of the summer, I would have already completed more than 200 miles on my bike and I miss it dearly. I also signed up for Bikram yoga to get my body and my mind back into shape. Black mold is no joke and I realize how being sick for so long has basically put my life on hold. I have no energy and I am always feeling ill so my social life has really suffered. Add on top of being sick the stress of dealing with an ignorant landlord who refuses to help his tenants and I realize how harmful my living situation has been for the past few months.

I’m on the mend, ready to get my life back, and hoping for a much healthier summer.

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Monday, June 20, 2011
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Fun
A few weeks ago one of my readers won the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Prize Pack sponsored by MyBlogSpark. I asked her if she wanted to review her winnings and she was excited to contribute to Gluten-Free Fun. Thank you to Debbie Gilbert for her review and her delicious looking picture!

I was very happy to win the recent Betty Crocker Gluten Free prize package, which included their GF mixes for chocolate chip cookies, brownies, vanilla and chocolate cake and Bisquick. The prize arrive at a time I really needed a pick-me-up and I've been having fun with it!

I had previously tried the brownie mix which is insanely good! What I love about it is not only the taste, but also the texture. For me, the problem with so many gluten free baked goods is the texture (they're are dense or hard or crumbly). But the Betty Crocker mixes taste and feel like real food. Yes, I use the word 'real' still, because I've been diagnosed for just over a year and am still on my learning (and acceptance) curve. I have been very strictly gluten free since getting my diagnosis, but I still miss many of my old favorites - I can't even walk on the same side of the street as my favorite, old (now off-limits) pizza place. So finding the Betty Crocker mixes has been great for me and helped me feel less deprived.

So hmmm, I wondered... what to do first when the package arrived?!?: Then I looked at the gluten free Bisquick box and saw the pancake recipe and suddenly I wanted some.

Confession time: After I was diagnosed with Celiac last year, I started getting irrationally angry at the sight of those iHop commercials which run during the news every evening; the ones where they show the close-up pictures of those luscious pancake dishes. I say 'irrationally' because I've never even been to an iHop, wouldn't know where to find one, and haven't even had pancakes in (probably) 20 years. But suddenly, now that this was no longer a possibility for me, it upset me.

With that inspiration, I set out to make myself a pancake brunch. Like all Betty Crocker mixes, they are so easy, they are basically fool-proof, hence, perfect for me. The results: 

The Bisquick GF pancakes are light and fluffy and rather terrific. Unlike the iHop commercials, I didn't stuff mine with cheesecake; instead I topped them with fresh strawberries and greek yogurt and drizzled them with GF vanilla agave syrup. YUM! And something else that worked well: The recipe on the Bisquick box makes 10 pancakes - too much just for me. So I wrapped up the extra pancakes in the fridge overnight, and the next day popped them in the toaster to see what would happen - and they came out even better - A little crispy on the outside - perfection!

OK, so now I no longer have to become irrationally angry when I'm watching TV and see those iHop commercials. I'm not missing anything.

Thank you to Erin and Betty Crocker for restoring my pancake sanity! Now Betty, please get to work on a Ray's Pizza mix so I can go back to walking down the west side of 6th Avenue. Thank you.

Debbie Gilbert AKA @GothamTomato

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Monday, June 13, 2011
Gluten-Free Fun in Easy Eats Magazine
A couple of months ago I wrote an article for Easy Eats magazine. I had been a fan of this online magazine since it's inception in 2008, so I was thrilled to have this writing project. I am excited to announce my article has finally been published in this month's issue of Easy Eats.

My article, "Gluten-Free Support Groups: Finding Your Flock" is a personal reflection on growing up gluten-free, looking for a gluten-free "family", and then taking my knowledge of living my entire life with Celiac and giving back to the gluten-free community. I give tips about looking for your gluten-free community, how to run a support group, and spreading gluten-free awareness.

There are some big changes happening at Easy Eats which you can also read about in this Summer 2011 issue. I am beyond excited to be a contributor to the original Easy Eats magazine, but thrilled to see what's in store for the future of Easy Eats. Visit their website to sign up for email updates and to be a recipe taster.

Click here to download my article "Gluten-Free Support Groups: Finding Your Flock."

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
“MY GROCERY MASTER” iPhone Application Recipe Challenge

Enter Your Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free or Kosher Recipe For A Chance To Win A Trip to San Francisco or New York City!

DEADLINE: August 31, 2011

KENSINGTON, MD (May 2011) — My Grocery Master, the application has been helping people find specialty food products on their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads wants to know what YOU create with the products you find from the application. Whether you look to the My Grocery Master to assist you in following a gluten-free, lactose-free of kosher diet, we want you to tell us your favorite recipe.

The application, My Grocery Master, allows users to browse and search a database of over 100,000 specialty food products, 360 name brands and over 100 supermarkets. “We’re delighted to save people time and energy looking for the products they need by making them available at the convenient touch of a button,” says Steven Friedman, President of Nosh Maven LLC. “We are thrilled to invite our users to engage in this first-ever “My Grocery Master Recipe Challenge”.

From April through July 31, 2011, people across the United States are invited to share their best recipes; gluten-free, lactose-free or kosher, for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco or New York City! Nine finalists, three from each category will receive a $100.00. Three first place winners, one from each category will receive $250.00. One overall grand prize winner will win an all expenses paid weekend getaway for two in San Francisco or New York City. Judging will be based on taste, creativity, ease of preparation and adherence to theme. So whether you have the best gluten-free appetizer, best kosher entrée or lactose free dessert we want to hear from you!

Entering is easy! Go to My Grocery Master’s Facebook page and click on the contest tab or go to and click on the contest banner. Be sure to read the Official Rules, then fill out the submission form and, enter your recipe and recipe photo. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on July 31,, 2011. No purchase of the application is required to win.

“My Grocery Master” App Features:
· Database of over 100,000 products for Kosher, gluten-free and lactose-free diets
· Over 360 name brands
· Future updates to include searches for Vegan, Organic and diabetic suitable diets
· Search by store location, category, classification and brand of product name
· Frequent, FREE updates with new products and brands that are consumer driven.
· Includes most Top 100 grocery store chains in the country that provide online data and the leading online grocery stores. Not all of the Top 100 grocery stores in our supplier group provide online data.
· One-touch link to the “My Grocery Master” website providing recipes and more information
· No connectivity required unless you utilize the one-touch website links
· Save searches for easy future access (such as “Beach House”, “Grandma’s Condo”, etc.
· Driving directions to store included
· “Tell Us” feature which enables consumers to provide direct feedback and store suggestions

“My Grocery Master” is available at the Apple’s App Store in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

*My Grocery Master is based on online data provided by supermarkets. Information may vary depending on your location.

For more information please visit:

About My offers people easy and convenient access to specialty food needs. Nosh Maven LLC launched its first iPhone application “Grocery Master” to meet the needs of the growing population of people who seek out specialty food where ever they may be. For more information, updates and specialty diet recipes log onto

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Friday, June 3, 2011
Save Your Favorite Gluten-Free Foods at Costco
I read this in yesterday's GIG newsletter. Although I don't shop at Costco, I know many people that day. Save your favorite gluten-free products. Make your voice heard!

Do you enjoy being able to purchase gluten-free foods at your local Costco store? We have received word that Costco is threatening to pull these food items from their inventory due to slow sales and a general lack of interest. If you want to continue to see gluten-free foods at Costco, please take a moment to fill out a comment card at your local Costco requesting these types of foods be sold there. With your help, we can show Costco that there is a definite interest in keeping these products on their shelves.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011
Katz Gluten Free Gives Back

Katz Gluten Free has always been committed to helping the gluten free community. During the month of June, they have partnered with Celiac and Gluten Free Support Groups around the country with an unique offer. Katz Gluten Free will donate 15% of all sales placed by members of each support group back to the group. In addition, the top 3 groups will have their donation doubled by Katz Gluten Free!

As you all know, I am the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group. With over 1,300 members, we are the largest gluten-free or celiac-related Meetup group in the world! I am thrilled that Katz Gluten Free is making such an awesome donation to our group. They have been very supportive of our group in the past so I am excited that they are our sponsor throughout the month. With the donation of 15%, Katz Gluten Free will help off-set my leadership costs as well as help us rent locations for future Meetup events.

To help contribute to our NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, please use code NYC CELIAC MEETUP when placing your orders with Katz Gluten Free.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Pamela's Products 6th Annual Gluten-Free Recipe Contest
Pamela's Products Gluten-Free Recipe Contest

June 1-August 15, 2011

(Ukiah, CA--May 2011) Pamela's Products, an award-winning leader in the gluten-free foods arena is accepting entries for its 6th Annual "Gluten-Free Recipe Contest" beginning on June 1, 2011. This year's contest theme, 'easy & delicious food', focuses on convenience, and invites contestants to create recipes that are short on time, but big on taste using any of the Pamela's Products brand products.

Though many busy parents and college students enjoy a tasty homemade meal or snack, they simply don't have hours to spend in the kitchen. Recipes that offer 'shortcuts' or useful timesaving tips without compromising flavor have become a staple of home chefs. Whether you are making a meal that can be reheated with full flavor and freshness, creating an unbaked/uncooked meal that can be stored and frozen and tossed into the oven later in the week, or a quick and easy snack, there are many possibilities to make fast and easy food delicious and healthful.

Pamela's Products' Gluten-Free Recipe Contest offers home cooks the opportunity to share their recipes with a wider community. Winning entries will have their recipes featured on the Pamela's Products website and in the monthly newsletter. Winners will be chosen by thePamela's Products team on or around September 30, 2011. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to a kitchen supply store and First and Second Runners-Up will receive $100 gift certificates.

The 2010 Grand Prize--with the contest theme "Bite Sized Delights"--was awarded to a recipe for BLT Fritters with Pesto Mayonnaise; 2010 Runners-up were awarded to recipes for Fabulous Fruit Tarts and Cutie Cornbread Bacon Bites. 2010 Honorable mentions included recipes for Creamy Lemon Squares, Mini Pecan Sweet Rolls, Mini Apple Fritters, Double Chocolate Gooey Chess Bites, and Chili Cheese Bites. All 2010 winning recipes are available at

Considered a fun and creative way to discover new dishes and reinvent old favorites, Pamela's Products' Annual Gluten-Free Recipe Contest is the perfect opportunity to showcase how Pamela's Products are versatile and simple to use. The company's line of gourmet fast, easy and delicious baking mixes are the ideal ingredients to make any recipe gluten-free and great tasting.

Keeping cooking and baking fun and creative will be a steady theme throughout the month of June as Pamela Giusto-Sorrells, Founder of Pamela's Products, continues the 2011 "Be More" Campaign with the mantra to "Create More". Pamela's Products believes that enjoyment of food is one way that people can make the most of their time together, especially when everyone can eat the same food. The "Be More" campaign features twelve fun and inspiring monthly mantras on how to get more out of the year. Throughout the month of June, Pamela will offer tips and user-friendly gluten-free recipes on how to 'Create More' delicious and decadent food to the fullest with friends and family.

To "Create More" this June through food, try these tips:

  • Expand your recipe repertoire and try out a new appetizer, entrée or dessert. Find and print delicious recipes for free
  • Whip up a quick breakfast or snack with Pamela's Products Single-Serve Pancake or Brownie Mixes. The perfect compliment for morning coffee or afternoon tea. 
  • No time to create from scratch? Grab a Pamela's Cheesecake or frozen Chocolate Cake and add a special touch of your favorite flavor over it (Cinnamon, fresh sliced fruit, or shaved chocolate), or a scoop of ice cream or a whipped topping to make it your own.
  • Sign up for the Gluten-free Challenge in May and start to get bi-monthly tips! ( or
The Recipe Contest will begin on Wednesday, June 1 at 12:01am (PT) and end on Monday, August 15 at 11:59pm (PT). There is no limit to the number of entries each contestant can submit provided that all entries follow contest rules and requirements.

Contestants can submit entries on the Pamela's Products website or mail in their entries. Entry forms will be available on the Pamela's Products website, starting on June 1, 2011. Mailed entries can be sent to Pamela's Products, Recipe Contest, 200 Clara Ave., Ukiah CA 95482.

For more information on Pamela's Products or contest rules and regulations, please visit or email Media inquiries, please contact Agnes Gomes-Koizumi ( or Julie Du Brow ( at 323-937-5488 or 310-821-2463.

Pamela Giusto-Sorrells, founder of Pamela's Products has appeared on NBC & ABC affiliates nationally, KRON and KTVK. Pamela's Products have been featured on the Today Show, The Doctors, in Gourmet Magazine, Woman's Day, Real Simple and many other outlets.

Recipe Contest Rules
All Gluten-Free Recipe Entries Must:

1. Use a minimum of one Pamela's Products brand product as an ingredient;
2. List all ingredients with exact US measurements in order of use;
3. Include descriptions of any special gluten-free items that may not be readily available, or that require special notice to maintain the recipe as gluten-free;
4. Include complete step-by-step directions for preparation (including pan size, cooking/baking time, and temperature)
5. List size and number of servings produced. No illegible, incomplete, forged or altered entries will be accepted.

Recipes will be judged based on taste, ease of preparation, incorporation of recipe contest theme, use of Pamela's Products item(s), and actual convenience of the recipe. Winners will be chosen by the Pamela's Products team on or around September 30, 2011. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 gift certificate and Two Runners-Up will each receive a $100 gift certificate each to a kitchen supply store.

ABOUT PAMELA'S PRODUCTSPamela's Products ( offers a complete line of Traditional Cookies, Organic Cookies, Biscotti, Simplebites Mini Cookies, Baking Mixes and Ready-to-Eat cakes and snack bars. Award-winning, Pamela's Products can be found in natural food and grocery stores throughout North America and on the web at Setting the standard for great taste since 1988, Pamela's Products continues to create the most delicious wheat-free and gluten-free foods, with their Baking & Pancake Mix and Chocolate Brownie Mix consistently holding the #1 position in the entire Natural Foods category.

Pamela's Products are a tried-and-true staple for Celiacs. Celiac Disease is the world's most common autoimmune disease, with the only treatment today being a strict adherence to a diet devoid of gluten. Gluten is most commonly contained in wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and triticale. (For more complete information, please visit, "About".) People with autism spectrum disorders, cancer, wheat allergies, alternative diets, and even those adhering to a Kosher diet, also frequently turn to Pamela's Products for satisfying that sweet tooth or simply for making bread or pancakes.

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