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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Gluten-Free Greek at Ovelia
Astoria, New York is a very Greek neighborhood. It is also where I call home. My Greek grandmother grew up here and 9 years ago I decided to move here which made my grandma very proud. "You are going back to your roots!" she said shortly after I moved here. I love it in Astoria and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I am a short subway ride from Manhattan and my rent is cheap for a bright, beautiful, BIG 2-bedroom apartment. Take that Manhattanites living in a shoebox-sized apartment.  :-)

With many Greek neighbors, comes lots of Greek food. I have blogged about Ovelia Psistaria in the past but want to share once again about how great this restaurant is to the gluten-free community. Ovelia has been so welcoming to me and feeding me gluten-free food over the past few years. Last year they were even certified gluten-free by GIG. Ovelia has hosted two New York City Meetup events where the entire 8-course meal was gluten-free. Yes, eight courses of gluten-free Greek deliciousness. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their gluten-free menu, which is clearly marked with GF and V (vegan) icons. I love supporting small businesses and with food this good, I think you should make the trip to Queens the next time you are in Manhattan.

Learn more about Ovelia in this video. Pay special attention around 1:19 to see the GLUTEN-FREE highlighted on the menu.

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