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Monday, September 30, 2013
Team Gluten-Free NYC 2013 Marathon Pledge-a-thon
For the second year in a row, the NYC Celiac Meetup group is hosting a virtual pledge-a-thon for Team Gluten-Free runners in the NYC Marathon. Sadly, last year's marathon was cancelled due to the devastating Hurricane Sandy, but fingers crossed that this year we are storm free. Read on for more information about CDF, Team Gluten-Free runners, and how to donate (and get a t-shirt!)

Join CDF Team gluten-free™ at the 2013 ING NYC Marathon and help raise more money than ever before! On Sunday, November 3, five amazing athletes will be running for CDF Team gluten-free™ to help promote awareness for celiac disease and non-celiac disease gluten sensitivity. This online pledge-a-thon is to help raise money for CDF Team gluten-free™. This is not an in-person event.
Please support this year’s CDF Team gluten-free™ runners at the 2013 ING NYC Marathon. Your RSVP and donation will go directly to CDF Team gluten-free™. Everyone donating $25.00 through this page will receive a T-shirt of your choice.
To donate $25.00, please RSVP here and pay on the event page using PayPal. All $25 donations and RSVPs on this page will get a t-shirt or tank.
For a limited time, you will get TWO t-shirts with your $25.00 donation! Don't delay! 

Wear your shirt with pride on November 3 when CDF Team gluten-free™ runs through the streets of New York City and cheer on the runners!

Since its inception in 1990, Celiac Disease Foundation has been at the forefront of celiac disease education, information, awareness, advocacy and support services. Charting a territory not ventured by any other official celiac disease organization, CDF was instrumental in bringing attention to the disease at a time when the word celiac, much less knowledge about it, was far from most people's consciousness. In the two decades since opening its doors, CDF stands as the "go to" resource organization for anything and everything celiac.
CDF Team gluten-free™ is a fundraising program that provides a simple way for athletes and non-athletes alike to raise awareness and funds for celiac disease and non-celiac disease gluten sensitivity. Fundraising efforts may include any event from marathons to triathlons, or even bar mitzvahs, wedding favors and virtual fundraisers! The money raised by CDF Team gluten-free™ participants goes directly towards summer camp scholarships for children on the gluten-free diet as well as celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity research, support and awareness programs. CDF Team gluten-free™ is the fundraising arm of Celiac Disease Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, public benefit corporation. Visit the website for more information.

Please remember, if you would like a t-shirt you must make your $25 donation through this Meetup event page by RSVPing YES. Once you have made this $25 donation, I will contact you for your mailing address and t-shirt size.
Any donation helps CDF Team gluten-free™ and Celiac Disease Foundation. 
Thank you in advance!

If you would like to donate less than $25.00 to CDF Team gluten-free™ please do so using this link:

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