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Monday, January 26, 2015
WEGO Health Awards 2015 Nominee: Gluten-Free Fun

WEGO Health is an amazing website that works with health advocates to foster relationships with their health communities. It's important to remember that I am not only writing for the gluten-free community, but I am also living with Celiac Disease. WEGO Health helps build these communities, while providing the resources I need to be the best celiac advocate that I can be.

For the fourth year, I have been nominated for WEGO Health Activist Awards. I am completely blown away that this year I have be nominated for three separate awards: Health Activist Hero, Best in Show: Blog, and Lifetime Achievement. It is such a wonderful feeling to be recognized by my readers and peers for the advocacy and activities I coordinate within the gluten-free community.

According to the WEGO Health website, "The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists. We connect with so many inspiring Health Activists who raise awareness, share information, support their communities, and much more - often without recognition. The WEGO Health network is centered around Health Activists, so we knew it was up to us to tell these leaders how great they are! We wanted to celebrate those who have made a difference and thus, the Awards were born. We've since found that these Awards are one of the best ways to introduce new Health Activists to the online community and have community members say "thank you" to the leaders they love."

Click here to visit my WEGO Health page.
The WEGO Health Awards are accepting endorsements until January 31st, 2015 (This Saturday!) If you are a fan of Gluten-Free Fun, Gluten-Free Globetrotter, or the NYC Celiac Meetup Group, I would love if you could visit my nominee page and submit an endorsement. This can be done anonymously or you can include your name in the submission, this is completely up to you. You can also tweet and share to Facebook once you have submitted your endorsement.

I thank you in advance for helping me continue my advocacy with the gluten-free community. I do what I do for you, my readers, and the entire celiac disease community. Without this disease and this website, we wouldn't be connected. Even if you think celiac disease is an awful diagnosis, you are NOT alone. We are all in this together.

My 2014 WEGO Health Awards nominations

Best in Show: Blog
Whose blog do you absolutely love? Their writing is exceptional, their "voice" admirable, and their writing is just really worth reading. You think anyone wondering why patients or caregivers would blog about health should read this Health Activist's blog - it will make the case crystal clear. They have great info, raise awareness, and do whatever they can to help their community by using their blog. They may be active on numerous social platforms - but the blog is their bread and butter - and they are a great model of how to be a blogger.

Health Activist Hero
Sometimes the connections we make in online communities go above and beyond, truly changing our lives for the better. Is there a Health Activist you know whose content has opened your eyes, whose dedication has ignited the advocate within you, and whose work has accomplished things for their community members? Which Health Activist is nothing short of a hero to those they reach? They are the epitome of a Health Activist because they do whatever it takes to make a real difference – and they are.

Lifetime Achievement (This is the nomination I am most excited about!) 
Year in and year out we come across some Health Activists who continue to rock the health world. Think of it as the Academy Awards of the Health Activist community. What leader needs to be recognized for their overall achievement over the years? Across mediums, with patients and other leaders, who are the true stars who continue to shine and don’t fit into one category because over time, they have done it all. Perhaps they even started their advocacy before Twitter… gasp! Recognize those giants of Health Activism that have stood the test of time.

Don't delay, endorsements end this week! Thank you in advance. 

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I just endorsed you. Good lunck!

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